US President Donald Trump has again targeted China over Coronavirus. Trump said that the US is investigating against China over the global epidemic. Will recover damages from China In fact, the media had asked Trump whether the US could seek damages from China for damages just like a German newspaper did. To this, Trump said- ‘We have not fixed the amount yet, but it is going to be quite a big amount. Recently, the Chinese government did not allow American scientists to investigate in Wuhan Lab. On Sunday, China turned down a similar demand for Australia.

US, Australia, UK, Germany want to check China lab

The United States, Britain, Germany and Australia want to send their scientists to Wuhan’s lab to investigate. They suspect that the virus has been produced in the lab. These four countries are also trying to unite the remaining countries against China.

China’s cleanliness – no virus-making ability

The Wuhan Institute of Virology claimed that it did not have the ability to make viruses. Lab director Uian Jimming said – There is no evidence of corona being created by humans. Huh. Because, it is impossible.

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