Corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear and anxiety in the world. Scientists have warned that due to this tragedy the whole world may have to face poor mental health and it will have a long-term impact. Neuroscientists, psychiatrists and psychologists associated with mental disorders say that there should be no immediate impact on the mental condition of people, for this, the work of promoting symptomatic treatment and research in all countries should be started immediately.

Also, worldwide monitoring of such cases should be arranged simultaneously. Professor Rory O’Connor of Glasgow University said that alcohol, drug addiction, gambling, cyber bullying, relationship breakdown, homelessness, anxiety and depression, ignoring those who behave abnormally, will further aggravate the problem. In these times of crisis, ignoring such problems of people will affect not only their life, but also society.

There is a need to keep an eye on people who are seriously depressed, or they have thoughts of taking suicidal steps. They need to be monitored through new technology like mobile phones. Professor Ed Bullmore of Cambridge University said – We have to use digital resources. Smart ways have to be found to check people’s mental health. Only then will you be able to face this challenge. Actually, in the end of March, Lancet Psychiatry surveyed 1,099 people in Britain. It was found that due to being in lockdown and isolation, people have become fearful of the business sinking, jobs and homelessness.

Here, the mentality of Vedas in the country also increased by 15 to 20%.

According to the survey of the Indian Psychiatric Society, after the arrival of coronavirus, the number of patients suffering from mental diseases in the country has increased from 15 to 20 percent. Only 1% of all health workers worldwide are connected to the treatment of mental health. Its figure is even lower in India.

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