There have been many claims and claims made around aliens and UFOs worldwide, but no claims have been confirmed. On Monday, the US Department of Defense released a video claiming to have seen aliens and UFOs. This video is made by US Navy pilots. The Pentagon has described the flying objects in this video as UFO. However, the videos are from 2004 and 2015. Two of these videos were published by the New York Times in 2017. It was confirmed by the Pentagon in 2019 and now released after a thorough review. Pentagon spokesman Suo Gough said that after a thorough review of these videos, satisfaction was found. No sensitive information is being leaked by releasing them officially. According to the Pentagon’s website, these videos have been released to remove confusion among people. A video recorded during pilot training shows a black object flying a considerable distance from the jet. In the second video, it is seen that a small unknown thing is coming rapidly from the sky towards the earth. Here, an Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was also launched to investigate UFO sightings. However, he was later turned down when nothing was found. According to Louis Elizondo, the head of this program, these videos should be investigated further.

This is what Freedman’s statement and the story of Area 51 of Nawada says.

The notion of UFO-aliens in the US was reinforced when nuclear scientist Stanton Freedman investigated the famous Roswell UFO crash. He maintained that aliens are among us. They have traveled the earth and are living with people. Freedman died in May 2019.

Video by ES News
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