Worldwide, the figure of corona-infected patients has crossed 11 million. At the same time, more than 5.29 lakh people have died due to this virus worldwide. Whereas 63.45 lakh people have been cured by winning the war against this epidemic.

Johns Hopkins University has confirmed this by releasing new figures on Saturday. According to statistics, the dreaded virus Kovid-19 started from Wuhan, China has created a furore in America. Most people have been hit by Corona here. If you look at the figures, the number of corona infected patients in the US has crossed 27 lakhs, while more than 1.29 lakh people have lost their lives.

Brazil is the second most affected country by Corona. Here the figures of corona patients have crossed 1.49 lakhs. While 61,844 people in the country have lost their lives while fighting Koreana. In spite of the lockdown, countries around the world including the US, India, Denmark and Italy have started to exempt the restrictions imposed for the prevention of corona despite the fast growing cases of corona.

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