Pakistan’s support to China is now seen to be overwhelming. The Foreign Office of Pakistan warned PM Imran Khan that if Pakistan does not stop supporting China, then it will face isolation on a global scale.

In a report quoting sources, the State Department has said that China is facing criticism at the global level due to stress from India and the corona virus. If Pakistan does not review its policies with China, it will have to bear the brunt of the anger of the economic superpowers. Due to the Corona crisis, these powers are engaged in efforts to separate China on a global scale after a conflict with India.

Pakistan, which is supporting China, suffered a setback when the European Union and Britain banned Pakistani Airlines flights. Pakistan tried to convince the countries that its driver (pilot) is capable, although these things had no effect.

Angry over China in Pakistan

According to Pakistan news sources, the way China CPEC is exploiting Pak resources and harming local people in Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistanis are angry with him for this. People of Baloch and Gilgit Baltistan are not given jobs, but Chinese companies give preference to Chinese laborers for less money.

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