After dividing the corona to the whole world, China is engaged in promoting strained relations with many countries. After India, Myanmar, Japan, China has now turned hostile to Russia. Russia, which was with China at a time when the whole world is criticizing it for the corona virus.

Russia is currently wreaking havoc with Corona but did not accuse China. Russia has also kept silence on the issue of Hong Kong. Not a single word was spoken against China. But what did China give Russia in return? China has rejected its claim on a city in Russia.

You are reading right China has laid claim to the Russian city of Vladivostok. The city was once related to the Qing Dynasty. Russia established control of the region after defeating China in the Second Opium War. China had to give this area to Russia. For this, a treaty was also signed between the two countries in 1860. Since then the city has been under the suzerainty of Russia but China has refused to accept the treaty.

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