The rich variety of content on streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix makes video streaming an easy way to find a variety of interesting movies. Mahaan is an example of a recently released film that teaches viewers some valuable life lessons while taking them along for some adventures too. Is it worth watching, or would you be better looking for something like Sandakozhi 2 Chennai instead?

The Basic Information

Mahaan is a 2022 Tamil movie, written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj. Vikram plays the role of Gandhi Mahaan, while Raghavan plays a younger version of the character. Simran stars as Nachi, with other parts taken by the likes of Bobby Simha, Dhruv Vikram, and Vettai Muthukumar. The movie was brought out on Amazon Prime on the 10th of February this year and has proved popular with viewers so far. It starts in 1968, where we see Gandhi Mahaan’s father, Mohandoss, playing a leading role in the battle against beverage production in the Tami Nadu state. Meanwhile, a young Gandhi is encouraged by his father to become a great man (Mahaan) and fight for just causes.

We then see how Gandhi is 40 years old, in 1996, and a stranger’s words cause him to believe that he isn’t living life to the full. When his wife, Nachi, tells him that she is going away for the day, Gandhi decides to live a fuller life for a day. He meets an old friend from his childhood and wins a lot of money playing rummy. However, when he returns to his home, Nachi leaves him because she realises what he has been up to. As the years pass, Gandhi gets more deeply involved in the beverage production industry and comes across his now-adult son, Dada, who works in law enforcement. The overall message we’re left with is that everything in life has to be balanced if we want to live a happy, productive life. 

The Early Reviews

While Mahaan has only been released recently, the early reviews of this movie have been relatively good to date.  In this review, it receives 3.5 stars out of 5, with memorable performances from the main characters stated as one of the strongest points of the movie. Vikram’s impressive performance as he changes over time has also been singled out for praise by a number of reviewers who feel that he brings the story to life by making it more human and believable. The smart choice of the plot for a movie that’s largely about making the right choices has also been praised. The concept works well with how Gandhi’s choices conflict with his wife’s deeply religious approach to life.

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 Is It Worth Watching?

At close to three hours, this movie spans an impressive range of subjects and draws viewers into the ever-changing world of Gandhi Mahaan. It’s an engrossing picture that takes us back to certain times and places in the state’s history while showing how we each make our own decisions about the path we choose to follow through life. It may be slightly long for some people’s taste, but others will no doubt consider it worth taking the time to watch.

As a thought-provoking Tamil movie, this is sure to be one of the top choices on Amazon Prime for many people who want to see something that stands out from run-of-the-mill action films.

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