Indian woman living in UAE stuck at Frankfurt Airport for 4 days
Indian woman living in UAE stuck at Frankfurt Airport for 4 days

Dubai: An Indian woman living in Abu Dhabi has been stuck at Frankfurt International Airport in Germany for four days due to lack of travel documents. The woman has appealed to the authorities to allow her to return to the UAE.

Priya Mehta, who works in the advertising field, reached Frankfurt from San Francisco International Airport in the US. He had a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai on 4 July. However, he was not allowed to board the plane as he does not have the Federal Authorization (ICA) permission letter for identity and citizenship issued by the UAE.

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Mehta claimed, ‘Lufthansa and United Airlines assured me that I would not need ICA approval because I have a visa to stay. ‘

He said, ‘If I had known, I would have stayed in America. Both airlines had assured me that I could go without approval.

He said, ‘When I reached Frankfurt, I was told that I could go no further. I talked to many people.

She is still stuck at the airport, making several attempts to get approval from the ICA. At the same time, she is staying in the waiting lounge. The company in which she works has also sent a letter to the officials in Frankfurt informing them about their situation.

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