There is not a single user of a smartphone or tablet that would not have any app downloaded and installed on their device. In fact, the majority of us use numerous apps that help us keep track of important events, store our money, connect us with people and do much more. There are so many possibilities when it comes to applications that it might be a challenge to determine which ones will break through the competition. Let’s take a look at the apps that are getting popular now and with all probability will remain popular for some time.

Social Media

It seems like an impossible task for any app to overthrow social media and take first place in any ranking. People love the concept of connecting with others, sharing pictures and videos, liking, commenting and, for some time now, making money out of social media. That’s why for some years now, and probably for a few more to come, the top positions in any ranking of popularity are occupied by such platforms as Facebook, Instagram and others. Only the order of these apps is changing, but not the type of the ranking leaders. Depending on what factor you take into consideration, the top app of 2022 is Instagram (by the number of downloads), TikTok (when it comes to the time spent on the app), or Facebook (when taking into consideration active users per month). When we rank social media apps on the basis of the number of active users per month, quite often WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger or Telegram appear high on the list of top ten apps in terms of popularity. The obvious conclusion is that for many years to come, social media will remain the top apps, and the number of their users will only grow, but the Medium article dives even deeper into the future of SM.  


The digital world is changing and expanding, and the majority of activities once done completely offline have now moved to the online sphere. Companies go digital, and more often than not they decide to set up their own apps to make the whole experience more pleasant for their regular and potential customers. The largest number of Internet users have turned to online shops and apps that enable them to buy anything from the comfort of their smartphones. That’s why almost any list of top ten apps, no matter what it’s based on, includes such applications as Amazon or Shopee.   


Even though smartphones are now multitasking devices that serve as the main device for everything, it’s still mainly an item that ensures entertainment. The majority of apps are designed and developed to ensure various forms of fun, and among the most popular applications of this year, and probably of the next few years, are the ones that ensure all forms of amusement. 

The first group of the most popular apps are the ones that ensure the streaming of TV series and movies. Netflix, HBO Max, and Dinsey+ are the top three apps that appear in almost any ranking. There are also programs that allow streaming music, and Spotify is probably the top one, no matter the ranking factors.

When it comes to entertainment there are obviously such apps as YouTube or Tinder that are difficult to be assigned to a narrower group. One other category worth mentioning is that of online games. Apps that offer this form of entertainment are getting more popular every year. Now, these are not only simple games for kids, but you can engage in high-quality entertainment through the app on your phone. Even such games as gambling in online casinos are at your fingertips due to the numerous mobile options. You only need to find the right casinos on sites like VegasSlotsOnline and choose the game and casino that interest you most to fully enjoy the experience on your smartphone. It’s fair to say that the popularity of such options will only grow more with time.

Apps of the future

It’s certain that the trends will be changing, and the apps that are popular now will be replaced with the ones that offer something completely different. The article on LinkedIn explores the future of financial apps, for example, as we tend to move our finances to the digital world. Who knows what else will be on top ten list years from now?

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