Tokyo, on the one hand, is facing the entire corona crisis, while on the other side Japan is being hit twice. Now, torrential rains have killed seven people in the country. In southwestern Japanese areas, Kumamoto and Kagoshima, 7 people died and 4 people went missing due to torrential rain-caused floods on Sunday. The news agency Xinhua gave this information to the local media.

Warning was issued for many Area’s of the prefecture

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) warned of heavy rain in many parts of the prefecture to the highest level on Saturday morning. For the first time issued such high alerts for two prefects. According to the agency, Amakusa in Kumamoto province received a record rainfall of 98 mm per hour. Around 203,200 residents of both provinces were asked to take refuge. At Kumamoto, 109 shelters in 17 municipalities were opened for at least 871 evacuations.

Due to widespread flooding along the Kuma River in Kumamoto, the predecessor government has ordered the sending of ground self-defense force personnel for disaster relief work. Rescuers struggled to reach difficult areas along the river which broke their banks at several places early Saturday. Kyushu Railway Company said that Shinkansen bullet train services in the prefecture have also been suspended.

More than 15 people went missing before this

Let us tell you that more than a dozen people have gone missing in this natural disaster before, while many people were caught on the roofs of houses due to the sudden flood. More than 75 thousand people were asked to evacuate the area in view of the rain. At the same time orders were also given to evacuate the flood affected areas.

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