Two miscreants, who arrived late on Friday night with two comrades, kidnapped the BPharma student by firing a pistol. The crooks came looking for his friend. When the student found his friend with the help, the accused released the first student. After this, after taking them to Jamboree Maidan, another student was assaulted for two hours.
Of. Money was being demanded from him. On the complaint of the student, the Piplani police has registered a case against four accused under the section of Adibaji and abduction. The police are looking for the four accused.

According to CSP Ankit Jaiswal, Mahendra Chauhan is a BPharma student living in Rajiv Nagar on rent. He lives here with four friends including Ashish Srivastava. At two o’clock on Friday night, Anshuman Tripathi reached his room with his friend Shubham Tripathi and two others. The accused shot a pistol at Ashish and took him on a bike. The accused asked Ashish the address of his friend Gaurav Chaturvedi. Upon reaching here, the accused released Ashish and kidnapped Gaurav. Then he took pride in the Jamboree Maidan and beat him for two hours. The accused were demanding money from him. After this, the accused left Gaurav there and took his bike. After information received from other students, Piplani police found Ashish and Gaurav.

According to Anshuman CSP, the police have registered a case of kidnapping and stabbing on Anshuman, Shubham and other two. Anshuman also has seven prior offenses. He came out of jail a few days ago.

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