In the next 1000 days, industrialists who will give employment to the people and people associated with the industry, they will have to follow the minimum labor laws. Changes in labor laws are necessary to convert the challenge from Corona into opportunity. In this regard, the study of the labor laws of the state and the Center will have to be decided soon. Shivraj Singh Chauhan said in the meeting. He has been instructed to submit the draft of the proposed labor reforms as soon as possible. CM said that in the next one thousand days, investment in the state should be increased to provide maximum growth and provide employment to more and more people. For this, considering the provision and rationale of labor laws, they have to focus on implementing measures for reform with the aim of relaxing them, making them transformative and strengthening the economy. He said that the non-essential labor laws will be considered to be abolished. Chauhan instructed the principal secretary of the labor department, Ashok Shah, to submit a work plan and a workflow in this regard. The proposed labor reforms were discussed in the meeting. Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bankas said that the non-essential labor law should be considered to be abolished. Principal Secretary Rajesh Rajaura etc. were present in the meeting.

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