China does not recognize Taiwan, Somaliland’s diplomatic relationship with Taiwan is trouble for China, Somaliland has China’s only military base in the Indian Ocean

Africa’s self-proclaimed independent country Somaliland has given a big blow to China. China has the only military base near this country of ‘Horn of Africa’ area. But now Somaliland compromised with Taiwan
Has brought China on the backfoot. Many countries have bases in Djibouti, on the border of Somaliland, and here is the only military base of China in the Indian Ocean. China made its base in this area in 2017 and from there China can monitor from the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean.

Referring to the agreement with Somaliland, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry has said that this has been done for good relationship between the two countries. According to Taiwan, he will make his representative office in Somaliland.
In addition, Taiwan has claimed that the two countries share an attachment and values ​​for freedom and democracy. Somaliland Foreign Minister Yasin Hagi Mahmud himself went to Taiwan for the deal. The President of Taiwan and the President of Somaliland expressed happiness over the deal.

Please tell that Somaliland is a part of North Western Somalia, but now claims to be a self-occupied country. Although it is not yet recognized in the world. Only a few countries like South Africa, Britain, Djibouti and Sweden
Like countries have relationships with it.

In African countries, only Eswatini has a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Burkina Faso severed ties with Taiwan in 2018. Taiwan has formal relations with 15 countries and has good relations with all countries. Of taiwan
More than 150 countries of the world recognize passports. Apart from this, the people of Taiwan are also exempted from visas. About 20 million Taiwanese people travel overseas every year.

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