America separates from WHO, Trump government sends official letter
America separates from WHO, Trump government sends official letter

The US is no longer a member of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Donald Trump government has sent its decision in this regard to the WHO. This can be a tremendous blow to the WHO and other countries. Let us tell you that the Trump government had alleged in the Corona virus case that WHO is working under China. Also, the US government stopped funding the WHO from April.

According to the US media, the Trump government has sent a letter related to the withdrawal of its membership from the WHO. After 6 July 2021, the US will cease to be a member of the WHO. Under the rules set in 1984, the country is expelled from the WHO after a year of withdrawal of any membership. Apart from this, America has to repay all the dues of WHO.

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American Senator Robert Mendez has confirmed by tweeting that information has been received by the US regarding his separation from the WHO. The Trump government’s decision will make America sick and lonely.

Let us tell you that US President Donald Trump had announced his separation from the World Health Organization in April itself. The grant money to WHO was also withheld with immediate effect. The US alleges that the WHO deliberately delayed the identification of the corona virus in China and declared it an epidemic. At the same time, the WHO has started working at the behest of the Chinese government.

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