SD card, also called secured digital card, memory card. It is used to save digital data, photos, videos, audio, text files of phones, cameras and other devices. There are also many types of SanDisk, SDSC cards, which have storage SD card capacity ranging from 128 MB to 4 GB, these are normal cards. This SDHC ie Secure Digital High Capacity Card has the capacity to save 32 GB of data. SDXC Secure Digital Extend Capacity Card can store data from 64 GB to -2 TB. In 1999, Scan Disk MattSushita and Toshiba developed a Secure Memory Card. After this, mini, card, micro card got flooded. A Smart SD memory card is a micro SD card, in which an internal secure element ISO application protocol helps in transferring data. They have a 3.3 volt infrace. SD card and host devices synchronize data using synchronous one-bit interfaces technology. 2GB

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