Everyone must have seen the glowing firefly and all kinds of questions will also come to mind about their brightness. It was also said that there is phosphorus in the body of fireflies, due to which they glow, but according to Italian scientists, the glow of fireflies is not from phosphorus, but due to proteins called luciferase. The glow color of firefly is green, yellow, red. They glow mostly at night, they are seen in large numbers in the villages. Light-shining fireflies are found in most of the West Indies and South America. Jugnu attracts his companion with this glow, searching for food. It is very thin in appearance and has two wings. They lay their eggs in the bark of trees in the forests. There are many such creatures that glow like firefly. Like firefly, a thousand species of light-giving organisms have been discovered, some of which are found above the earth and also in the depths of the sea.

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