Both the north and south poles of the earth are extremely cold and the main areas here are covered with snow throughout the year. However, on the basis of this similarity, it would not be fair to say that both poles are the same. Only if the geographical conditions of these two places are studied carefully, then only reality is fully revealed. Although both poles are cold regions, the temperature in the South Pole goes down from zero to hundred degrees. This is the reason that if some exceptions are omitted, this area is life zero. On the other hand, Polar Bears, also known as Polar Bears, who settle at the North Pole, are capable of sustaining themselves in such environments.

6 months day and 6 months night

Another strange thing happens at the North Pole. You will be surprised to know that it stays here for 6 months and 6 months of the year. This is due to the north pole being closer to the Earth’s rotation axis. This phenomenon can be seen in Alaska, Norway and many other countries falling in the Arctic Circle. The temperature at the North Pole is very low and there is no land. There is only the ocean under the thick ice layer, so there are no human settlements, but there are some tribes in the Arctic Circle, among which the Eskimo and Inyat race are prominent. These tribes have been living in the Arctic region for hundreds of years. It is found mainly in the areas of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.

Sunset does not happen for 4 months

The South Pole is the southernmost tip of the Earth. It is also known as Antarctica. Accordingly, there are two main south poles, one stationary and the other which is the continent of the rotating south pole Antarctica. It is a very cold place. During winter there is no sunrise for many weeks. During the summer there is no sunset from late December to late March. It is difficult to reach the South Pole. This pole is located on a mountainous continent. It is covered with a thick sheet of snow and with more than 1.5 km of thick snow at its center.

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