Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who has taken the politics of Madhya Pradesh to the extent of filth and the people fighting to save democracy, has come face to face. Shivraj Singh Chauhan first elected the MLA, toppled the government elected by the people and then now he is daring to defy the mandate by buying more MLAs before the by-election is decided.

The public has clearly said that when we decided to change the government after 15 years, then who are Shivraj Singh Chauhan or Jyotiraditya Scindia who change our decision.

Scindia and Shivraj say that the government was not doing well, so we changed, while the public knows that the right to change any government works or not, the people have the right to change it and the process of changing it is called election. .

The public knows very well that the change of power in Madhya Pradesh has been done only on the basis of money power. Each MLA has been sold for 35-35 crores and in return, Shivraj has been able to form his government.

The question is again the same whether the government will form and change at the will of the people or will people like Shivraj and Scindia buy legislators on the basis of money and work to change and form the government? And if this continues, then what is the role of the public in forming the government ..?

However, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, a legislator and buyer in the form of Rahul Lodhi today, proved that his party is not winning any of the 28 by-elections and does not have the strength.

The people who were only supporting Kamal Nath till yesterday, now they are desperate to take the streets to shoulder democracy with Kamal Nath.

Shivraj has not only made the Bhartiya Janata Party gritty by purchasing another MLA, but has also put a big question mark on the future of himself and his political party.

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