PSG football player Neymar stole the girl Natalia Barulich from the famous Colombian singer Maluma. 27-year-old Barulich was on the covers of several well-known magazines such as Maxim, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan. According to the Brazilian publication, the singer ended his relationship with the model after rumors appeared about her romance with the athlete. The girl herself has already stated that she was breaking off relations with Maluma, whom she met on the set of the video for Felices los 4, explaining that they need to devote time to themselves and their careers. Neymar and Barulich were seen together in summer. In September, the model attended Fashion Week in Paris, where the couple took a joint photo. It is noteworthy that Maluma was called the friend of the PSG striker, who even invited him to an evening party on the occasion of his previous birthday.

Neymar stole a girl from a celebrity friend

Rafael Nadal married

Rafael Nadal is a 19-time Grand Slam Tournament Winner. Well, such men don’t even need tips on how to text a girl. They know what they want and get it easily. So, Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisco Perello got married. Before the official registration, the lovers had been together for 14 years. The couple chose the estate of La Fortaleza in Mallorca as the location of the holiday. The bride put on a spectacular long-sleeved lace dress by the Spanish brand Rosa Clara. At the wedding of the second racket of the world were about 350 guests, including the former king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, who ruled the country until 2014. Among the invited people, there were star tennis players Marc Lopez and Fernando Verdasco, as well as David Ferrer. There was a ban on mobile phones at the wedding. On the Internet, there wasn’t a single photo of the ceremony for a long time. The staff who attended the celebration signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Vinnie Jones suffers because of the death of his wife

Vinnie Jones met Tanya Lamont when they were 12 years old. He invited her on a first date at 16 and lost her for the first time when he had to move to another city. Tanya married former Watford player Steve Terry and divorced that year when Jones returned to his hometown. “Then I lived with two Chelsea colleagues, one of them looked out the window and shouted to me: “Hey, look here!” And there Tanya was rollerblading. Do I believe in fate? Well, that was scary,” admitted Vinnie. Some time later Tatyana married Terry; they had a daughter Caylee. During childbirth, her heart failed, and

the doctors urgently performed a transplant. Vinnie paid for the operation, and when he asked Tatyana’s father for permission to marry the girl, he decided to adopt Caylee.

Jones’ wife is as strong as Vinnie on the field. She twice defeated cervical cancer. Together they fought the disease in a big house in Los Angeles. In 2019, the woman got worse, she was taken to the hospital, and Vinnie slept next to her every night, and daughter Caylee came to visit her parents every morning. In July, the family was told that there were no drugs. She was sent home to spend the rest of her time with her loved ones. A week later, Jones became a widower.

Recently, Jones found two letters from Tanya, which she left before her death – one was for him, and the other was for Caylee. They were short but gave strength to the whole family. “Don’t be sad, I will wait for you. I believe in it,” she wrote to her daughter. Tanya told her husband all the most important things on the postcard. “Vin, something beautiful is sure to happen tomorrow,” was the message from her.

They spent 25 happy years together, and nowadays, Vinnie has to live without her but for her sake. And even the most brutal men can cry.

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