A diagnostic kit to test covid-19 has been developed in the Indian country lab. This will give the test results in 10 minutes. Screening will not be required before the test. Currently it has been sent to ICMR for approval. So far, PCR (polymer chain reaction) technology is being tested in the country’s recognized specialized government and private labs. It is costing two and a half thousand rupees per test.

Identifies two components of the virus’s gene

In three weeks, the Srichitra Institute for Medical Science and Technology (DST), an institute in Thiruvananthapuram, attached to the Department of Science and Technology, developed a test testing kit for covid-19. It will be able to specifically identify the N-gene of SARS Cove-2. The kit is named Chitra Jean Lamp-N. DST Secretary Prof. Ashutosh Sharma said that the mutation of genes will be detected immediately with this kit. Testing of the Chitra Jean Lamp N test kit at the National Institute of Virology has been successful. The new machine can conduct up to 30 sample tests in a batch.

Will be in district hospital in 3 weeks :- The cost of this machine has been around Rs 2.5 lakh and the cost per test will also be Rs 1000. This kit can be provided at the district hospital level within the next three weeks.

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