World's fastest and safest train ready, able to run even amidst tremors
World’s fastest and safest train ready, able to run even amidst tremors

Whenever there is talk of the fastest running train in the world, only Japan’s name comes in our mind. The country that introduced bullet train in the world has now set another record. Japan has launched another bullet train amid Corona virus epidemic. Japan claims that this new train is the fastest and safest bullet train in the world.

Fastest train claim

According to Japanese media, this bullet train of the new N700S series in the country is the fastest running train in the world. It can cover a distance of 285 km in an hour. Understand in easy language that you can travel from Delhi to Chandigarh in just one hour. Right now, it takes 4-5 hours to cover this journey by Indian Railways.

Security is also the strongest in the world

The new N700S series train is also said to be the safest in the world. Officials say that this train is so safe that it can run non-stop even in the face of strong tremors. Also, new suspension and state-of-the-art technology has been used in this train. Because of this, passengers in the train do not even have the impression of its running. In all, passengers in this train get zero shocks.

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Let us tell you that the Government of Japan had planned to launch this new bullet just before the Olympic Games. But because of the Corona epidemic, the Olympics have been postponed until next year. But in the meantime, Japan has prepared and launched it.

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