The top scenario view with birds chipping around surrounded by all the essential elements of nature!  It’s this what all of us want in our dreams destination trip? Well, if you are a low on your budget  then its  not a problem because this is going to be a low budget trip and if you recently got married and are looking for low budget honeymoon destination then this is going to be your perfect trip same as a foreign trip for you guys!

Why is Kasol Known as  Mini Israel?

Kasol is located in Himachal Pradesh, INDIA. The place is situated in Kullu where snow falls almost each season of the year. If you are planning  a trip to Manali then visiting  Kasol and Kullu is a must. Kasol is called as Mini Israel because the number of Israeili tourist visiting this place is really high and it has also been seen that a lot of israeili people have settled here. The other reason why this is considered as a tourist place is because of the drugs/joints. The second name of Mini Israel is Joint House. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in INIDA.

How to reach Kasol/Mini Israel?

Kasol/Mini Israel is a small place situated in Kullu where snow falls all year. It is located on the banks of Parvati river which comes on the way to Bhutnar to Manikaran. It is considered  as one of the best places to visit in Indian. Reaching to the place with all the right direction is very simple either you want to know how to reach Kasol  from Delhi or how to reach kasol from Chandigarh or any other place .We have mentioned  all the  ways of transport to reach Kasol/Mini Israel.

How to reach Kasol by flight?

  • Nearest National Airport – Kullu Manali Airport also known as Bhutnar Airport t.
  • Nearest International  Airport – Indra Gandhi International  Airport Delhi.

These  two are the nearest national and international  airport to Kasol. After reaching to the airport you can either book a bus or a cab from the airport. The time taken to reach from Bhutnar Airport is one hour while the time taken to reach from Indra Gandhi International  Airport is 11-12 hours by bus or cab.

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How to reach Kasol by Train?

  • Nearest Railway Station- Joginder  Nagar Railway station(km) / Chandigarh Railway Station(km)

Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the nearest to Kasol by kilometres  distances but mostly the tourist get down at Chandigarh Railways Station because  the number of buses running to Kasol from Chandigarh is much more than Joginder Nagar Railway  Station. Time taken to reach Kasol from Joginder nagar Railway Station is max  four to five hours. Time taken to reach Kasol from Chandigarh Railway Station is  eight to nine hours.

How to reach Kasol by Bus?

There are plenty of buses runing from Delhi, Chandigarh, Bhutnar towards Kasol. You can easily for these bus facility online  through  paytm, red buses etc.

SourceDistanceTime taken Destination
Delhi531kms10 hrsKasol/ mini Israel
Chandigarh150 kms5 hrsKasol/ Mini Israel
Bhutnar31 kms1 hrKasol/ Mini Israel

Where to  Stay in Kasol?

The place is already so much driven by nature that being in Kasol you fill feel enlightened  and peaceful. You need not to have all the luxury in the world when you are totally indulge in the nature itself. The hotels and resorts  in Kasol are full of scenery  views and beautiful  nature around. If you are on your budget honeymoon  then we have got the best and the cheapest honeymoon hotel offers for you and if you are with your college friends then we also have the list of low budget hotels for you.

List with price.

List of HotelsPrice per day
Nomads Hostel Manikaran Road, Kasol399/-
Parvati woods Camp999/-
Himtrek Camps Kasol899/-
Kabila Camps1,300/-
The Rainbow Inn & Cafe2,805/-
Moustache Hotel1,679/-
Hotel Royal Palace, Manikaran2,797/-
Parvati Kutter2,232/-
Hotel Sadhya Kasol3,603/-
Kasol Heights, A leisure Resort4,230/-

Where to eat  in Kasol/Mini Israel?

There’s a lot Himachal Pradesh offers in terms of food. As diverse the Indian is the food changes almost every few kilometres with the city and Kasol has something of its own which you’ll definitely love! The famous dishes of Kasol is Sidu,Kadhi, Madraa and the yummiest of all is halwa.  You will be able to find all of these on the streets as well as Restaurants. But here we are providing you the top 3 restaurant list which serves the best of famous dishes of Kasauli.

Cafe evergreen- This is one of the best restaurant in town as it offers the delicious israeli pizzas and pasta and you can also try the local food of himachal pradesh here. The speciality changes every week but while in there don’t forgot to order the israeli pizza.

Address- Manikaran Rd, Near Forest Rest House, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105

King Falafel: A small spacious place where the food cooked is purely divine. The space looks small from outside but it has got the best interior. Don’t judge a book by its cover is their tagline

Address: Nature park, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Mall Road- The Tibetan market is a must visit on your trip to Kasol. This market is full of Tibetan clothes and items.Although many people go here for shopping but the foodie in you must have a taste of each famous dish of Kasol. The street Food can be best explored here.

Address: Himachal Pradesh 175105

Places to visit in Kasol/Mini Israel

As this is a hill station which is known for the cold and romantic weather. There are a lot of places to see the nature.

Lovers lane and Sunset Point: Riding in Swing with the calm atmosphere around you with winds in your hair and looking at sun is an amazing feeling. Now, you can just have a totally insta worthy pic for yourself in this place.

Address:Near Upper Mall, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh , INDIA

Monkey Point: The highest point in the area is so much popular among tourist. There are variety of monkeys found in this space and you can also witness every breathtaking moments. The place also has a hanuman mandir located nearby.

Address: Kasauli, Kasauli Tensil, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

Gilbert Trail: A true nature lover will absolutely fall for this place as it the best place to visit in Kasol. Greenery on both the side and a romantic 1.5 km walk with your loved ones is something you will definitely not like to miss! So, holds your hands tight because it is going to be a walk to remember forever!

Address: Gilbert Nature Trail, Kausali, Kasol Tensil, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA.

Gurkha Point: Surrounded by lush green tress and plants this place is a historical point where the wars took place back in the history. The place is located in the uphills of Parwanoo region.

Address: Subathu Town, Kasol Tensil, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh , INDIA.

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