Hosting a house party? Maybe you’re planning to throw a wedding celebration or commemorate a life event – whatever the case, party invitations will come in handy. 

You’re getting in the mood to celebrate, and you’ll want others to feel the same way. A creative party invite will surprise your guests and help in inviting your loved ones.

If it’s your first time creating party invites, here’s what you want to know. We’ll even cover some out of the box invitation ideas for that grand day. Keep reading.

Basic Info and Checklist

Before you even begin designing your invites, it’s important you make a note of who’s attending. Go through your guest list, and don’t forget to mention the dress style for the event. If it’s a corporate house party, you’d want to go with a formal code while other kinds of parties can have casual dress types or costumes.

If your guests have allergies or dietary requirements, you can add a note at the bottom of your invite asking you to email and get back. Mention basic info like the date and time, venue details, what the party is about, and who is hosting.

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You should aim to answer the big W’s through your design and make it memorable at the same time. Once you have the details down, it’s time to get designing. 

8 Party Invitation Ideas for Your Big Event

You’re ready for the big event and have made all the preparations. Now you’re excited since it’s time to design your invites. If you’ve been hunting for ideas for your designs, look no further. 

Here are eight great party invitation ideas you can make use of. Get creative with them, tweak, and make your own unique invites by drawing some inspiration. You’ll love the end result.

Use Cartoons and Anime Characters

You can use cartoons and characters from your favorite TV shows or anime series to design your party invites. If your guests are not a mature audience and comprise of younger attendees, you can get creative with these. 

If you’re designing party invites for a kids’ house party, use characters like Goku, Doraemon, Ninja Hattori, Shin Chan, and more. Kids love watching these shows and if you give your children’s friends invites with these on the covers, they are sure to attend.

Typography Party Invites

Are you good with words? Maybe you have a flair for painting imagery with your mind. If so, you can try playing around with typography ideas. Great fonts for typography house party invites are Bell MT, Fertigo Pro, Georgia, Lobster Two, and Dalle. You can also go with Victoria, EdwScript, and Rockwell. 

Make your typography designs pop up by turning the letters 3D. Use colors that complement the theme of the event. 

You can use Coolors or any free color scheme generator to design color palettes for the invites. If you feel stuck or need ideas, try using royalty-free templates for your invitations

Minimalist Designs

A minimalist party invite design would be a sleek logo with the typography in bold. Minimalist party invites aren’t bad and look professional. If you’re hosting a house party for a corporate reason, you may want to try this approach. 

You can get many DIY printable templates for this and edit them. Just add the host’s name, logo, venue, and timings of the event, and the words, ‘You’re Invited.’ It’s simple, sleek, and fast.

Make Video Invites

Want to take your creativity up a notch? If you’re planning to send your invites virtually, you can make video invites. House party video invites can be embedded in your blogs/websites and sent over the email. You can upload it on YouTube, make it unlisted, and share the link exclusively with guests.

Use a professional video editing service that offers free templates for designing your invites. You can try VideoCreek since it’s free and very easy to use for beginners. Plus, it takes just a few minutes to start using it.

Add Memes

You can’t go wrong with memes. Kids and adults love them alike, and memes add a hilarious touch. You can use the ‘Y U NO’ meme to make a ‘Y U NO ATTEND’ meme for your party invite. ‘One Does Not Simply Reject A Party Invitation’ is another clever meme to entice your friends into attending.

If you know you’re throwing a house party that’s going to be a big hit, you better make a meme that’s worth it. There are many free online meme generator tools to help you out if you’ve never made memes before. 

They are jam-packed with various themes, templates, and fonts you can use. If you’d like to get original, you can take a picture of your surroundings and come up with your own meme! It’s a genius idea.

Food Themes

If it’s a pizza party you’re hosting or anything food-related, you can add delicious images of your favorite foods to the front of the invite. Add the placeholder text, venue info, and other details. Guests won’t turn down an offer when it’s simply that delicious. 

You can use cutouts of your favorite food pictures and write colorful text on those invites. For example, house party invites with an ice cream cone silhouette and rainbow letters are classic design parents use for hosting kids’ parties.

Explore Animal Designs

Cute and cuddly animals like pandas, koalas, and raccoons do well for designing party invites. If the house party is for girls or young kids, you can play around with the designs. 

Use a House Party Template

If you’re out of ideas and are looking to brainstorm more, you’re in luck. You can use various house party templates for designing your invites. Using an online party invitation designer will give you access to a wide variety of themes. 

You can edit the fonts, shapes, and colors. If you’re looking for inspiration for your designs, you can always visit Pinterest for ideas. Make your invite work for you, and keep it simple. 


Making a house party invite is fun because of the emotions and energy that go into it. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of invites, and if you’re sending them virtually, you can post them on social media. 

You can get likes on Instagram and Facebook by sharing your house party invites online, and if you’re inviting guests via email, don’t forget to set a countdown timer for the live event. Have fun, and be prepared to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

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