Ziro is a small town located in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful destination which is worth visiting if you are a nature love. Some people also all it as paradise on earth due to its lush greenery and peacefulness. It is also headquarters to Lower Subansiri District. The majority of local people living here are from Apatani Tribe. Ziro is famous for Pine Hills and rice fields. Due to its greenery and archaeological views it has been included in the Tentative List for further nomination to UNESCO for inscription in the World Heritage Site.

What is Ziro Famous for?

Ziro is famous for various things as it is a Hill Station it has an immense climate and temperature. It has lush green areas and top hills for climbing and bungee jumping. The one reason why ziro is famous for is because of its Pine Hills and rice fields which are found in great quantity and variety here. Apart from all this the greenery peace and calmness in its ambiance is something we all crave for in metro Politian cities.

How to Reach Ziro?

There are various ways to reach Ziro,Arunachal Pradesh. The place is well connected by flight, bus and train. So, Lets have a look at the route

Nearest AirportJorhat Airport , Assam
Distance from airport to Ziro182 kms
Nearest Railway Station to ziroNaharalagun station
Distance from Railway station to ziro-187.7 kms

How to reach ziro by Flight?

You can reach the airport Jorhat which is in Assam and from there you can book a cab or taxi. The another nearest airport is Lilabari located at a distance of 123kms from Ziro.

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How to reach ziro by Train?

You can reach Ziro by train from Naharalagun station which is at a distance of 100 kms. Just take a cab or taxi from there. North Lakhimpur Railway Station is another nearest station which is at a distance of 117 kms from ziro.

How to reach Ziro by Road?

There are various buses run by government and private body from guwahati to Ziro. The distance from Guwahati to ziro is 444.6kms and you can cover it within 10 hours.

How to reach Ziro from Itanagar?

The distance between Ziro and Itanagar is 110.2 kms and you can reach it within 4 hours and there are various buses that run from Itangar Bus Stop for Ziro and you can even book Ola or Uber from Itanagar to Ziro.

Where to stay in Ziro?

Since Ziro is a hill station the place is mostly for couples and people who are truly in love with nature and want to go for trekking and do a lot of adventure sports. But , between all this you really need take care of your budget so we have come up with the list of cheapest hotel for you

List of HotelPrice(per night)
OYO 66405 Kasa Resort 950/-
Dogindo Homestay1,570/-
Bentrip Akungko Homestay1,780/-
Zimin Ziro Hotel2250/-
Hotel Blue Pine2340/-
Hotel Kamega2,180/-
Enchanting Maujili Hotel2,550/-
Hospitaly Inn Ziro2,660/-
Tasso Rinyo Homestay3,290/-
Tasso Rino Homestay3325/-

Places to visit in Ziro

Since, Ziro is situated in Assam and it is lush greenery area. Ziro is filled with places to visit as paradise on earth has fallen. So, Lets have a look at the beautiful places you can visit in Ziro:

Talley Walley Wildlife Sanctuary :

The one place where you get to see all the endangered speces of flora and fauna and also the trees of fir , Orchids etc is Talley Walley Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is filled with lush green trees and flowers. It is a amazing experience to go back to nature.

Hapoli :

Hapoli is a breathtaking place which is filled with immense greenery and mountains. People here mostly go by trekking. Adventure and sport lover should definitely have this in their bucket list. You will get to eat a lot of fish food varieties here because the fish farms are very close to Hapoli.

Dilopoyang Maniipoyang

A perfect picnic spot to gather with all your friends and family and relax yourself in the arms of nature. Dilopoyang Maniipoyang is located nearby Talley Walley Wildlife Sanctuary and is filled with greenery and mountains. The place is truely a dream destination for metropolitan people because of the ambiance and aura.

Ziro Puto :

History to be reminded by Ziro Puto. The first place were administrative centre was formed is Ziro Puto. The another name given to this place is Army Cantonment. People in Assam are very close to nature and here the houses are much different from people living in metropolitan cities etc because here the houses are made up of bamboo stick and at a distance from the ground.The one thing which you would not like to miss being at this place is to have the entire view of Ziro as Ziro Puto is the highest point of Ziro.

Kile Pakho :

To reach Kile Pakho you have to be good at trekking because the only way to reach out Kile Pakho is trekking. Once can view the beautiful landscape from here and there is also Ziro Plateau on the other side. Wrapped in nature with beautiful view this surely is a not less than a paradise on earth.

Meghna Crave Temple

Meghna Crave Temple is a religious place which is situated up in mountains. This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is believed that every prayer gets answered. A wonderful experience to visit a religious place like this.

Botanical Garden

The lush greenery of this botanical garden in ziro valley is something you should not miss. The place is beautifully designed by nature. It has flowers and plants of every type. The place is enriched with trees and plants. There is also a playing garden for kids. Don’t miss the early morning sunrise in this beautiful Botanical Garden.

Famous Food of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Every state of INDIA serves you with different cuisine and recipe’s and the food is delicious and changes your taste buds as well. As a result, the state Arunachal Pradesh serves us with really simple yet tasty food. Now let us have a look at what Ziro presents itself in terms of Food

The food that is very famous there is rice, beef, fish and meat. Because, the production of rice takes place in Arunachal Pradesh. Fish and meat will also be found here in large quantity since there are a lot of fish farm. You must also try pika pila which is a pickle you surely will love it. The food in Arunachal Pradesh is simple yet tasty!

Top 10 famous food of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Bamboo Shoots: Bamboo is used in Ziro in almost every dish. The food which is served is also on bamboo sticks.
  • Pika Pila : The must try once in your life pickle is pika pila! only found in North- eastern side.
  • Lutker: The chicken dinner you really need to try on your visit to ziro! One of the amazing chicken dish prepared by Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Pehak :The yummiest chutney you must try which is made with soya bean and chilli. The combination of these two will drive your taste buds crazy!
  • Apong: The craziest beer you need to have once in a lifetime. Apong is made up of rice. Yes, it is a rice beer!
  • Chura Sabji : The curry which is a combination of cheese and yuk milk with add on chilly spices.
  • Marua: Another homemade drink which is famous in Arunachal Pradesh. It is made up of millet and is absolutely alcohol free. So, the childrens can try it too!
  • Meat : If you are a non- vegetarian and loves to try chicken, mutton and beef. Then, this dish is absolutely for you, the meat prepared by apatani people is specially of a mithun cow and the meat is never fried it is boiled or either steamed!
  • Momos : A true delhi wala will never say NO to momos and if you are from any other part and have not tried momos yet then please do because you will fall in love with it!

What is the best time to visit Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh?

Best time to visit- March -September

The temperature remains pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit ziro is March and September. Monsoon is the season of love and so to add some romance to your life you must visit the place. Early winters should not be on your list because the place is a hill station so it becomes extremely cold and the temperature drops . Enjoy the lush greenery place in monsoon!

Things to do in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

There are a lot of things Ziro city offers us with like trekking , trying local cuisine, visiting the local fish farm and specially be with nature!

  • Attend the Ziro Music Festival – If you are a music lover then it is a must to attend ziro music festival because it is a festival that brings all the musicians and great talent of India together! This music festival is arranged by arunachalis and it is great place and experience for everyone. Everyone attending the festival gets free accommodation and food from the organizers. The festival is for four days and the dates of the ziro music festival 2020 has not been announced yet!
Festival NameZiro Music Festival (2021)
Duration of festival4 days
VenueZiro Valley (check offical site)
  • Go Shopping at Hapoli Market -Shop every unusual eating item at Hapoli market like frogs, dried meat, rats , bamboo shots and spices of arunachal pradesh. If you are a vegetarian then avoid this place because it serves mostly meat products.
  • Visit the TARIN FISH FARM – Visit the tarin fish farm and have a look at every species of fish. It is placed at an high altitude .It is a famous tourist attraction and there are a lot of people visiting this place. It covers an area of 7.4 hectare and rice is also grown at this place. So, don’t miss your chance while travelling to ziro.
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