Thousands of people in every corner of the world, every day, have to deal with one of the most unpleasant and limiting physical sensations that exist: exhaustion. Some individuals seem to suffer from an overwhelming feeling of tiredness that accompanies them throughout the day, and in some cases even begins to manifest itself only three or four hours after waking up. To remedy this, many people are used to taking drugs, supplements, or restorative tablets, which allow them to get by for a few more hours without giving in to actual sleep. But what are the causes and possible remedies for this terrible exhaustion?

The answers to these questions are extremely numerous. One of the most obvious (and least convincing) is the one about hours of sleep, which according to some studies should be at least 12 hours for an adult. But the feeling of torpor and tiredness, in most cases, also affects people who are used to going to bed relatively early and getting up at a normal time, between seven and eight in the morning, just in time to prepare for their working day. Food is even less likely to be responsible, which at best may cause slight postprandial numbness lasting twenty or thirty minutes at worst. The root cause of this annoying and paralysing condition is to be found first and foremost in people’s lifestyles, in the peculiar ways in which they face their days, and in their habits. 

The role of dissatisfaction 

Have you ever thought that the cause of your inexplicable tiredness might be related to latent dissatisfaction, or to the failure to achieve a goal that you had set for yourself and that you, unfortunately, did not manage to reach? Sometimes, the body reacts in a very unpredictable way when faced with disappointment, even though it apparently continues to function as usual. It is no coincidence that many people suffer from depression without even knowing it as if it were a condition that affects someone else. In these cases, a kind of defense mechanism seems to be activated within the organism, a sort of shielding that protects us from the negative effects of depression or dissatisfaction, keeping them hidden from the most superficial layer of our consciousness and activating a sort of automatic pilot that allows us to behave as usual, at home, at work, and with friends, completely ignoring the existence of an extremely serious problem. We can only realise this through certain natural reactions of the body, such as a curious feeling of tiredness, a strange desire to sleep, or laziness that seems to have no reason to exist. There are other precious advices at

Redefining lifestyles

In order to get out of these situations, you need a plan: consciously choose not to give in to your depression, to the tiredness that seems to assail you from all sides, and start making a list of your goals and priorities, with clear deadlines for achieving them. Pay attention to your lifestyle as well, carefully preventing it from becoming excessively sedentary: go for a run, engage in long walks in the city or in nature, and devote yourself to meditation. These are all activities that will help you eliminate the toxins and negativity in your body, making you feel stronger and more self-confident right away. If you are also among the large number of people who find it difficult to complete your tasks or even simply to achieve one of your less important goals, you will need to devote your heart and soul to achieving all these small personal goals, from the smallest to the largest, one at a time. When you finally begin to accomplish even one of your goals, you will experience a feeling that is nothing short of divine. It will be the very feeling that will motivate you to go on, to strive again to conquer the next goal. Other useful tips can be found at

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A good part of one’s personal problems can ultimately be solved by adopting a completely different lifestyle than before, with new habits, new interests, and new hobbies. And those who find the courage to try something new will find themselves at a clear advantage over everyone else.

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