Holi 2022 is the Best One Yet!

2020 started and it is already March! Can you believe it? Because we certainly can’t! As soon as March starts, every Indian is excited about one thing: Holi. The Indian festival of colours is celebrated throughout the country, by kids and adults alike!

There is colour everywhere during the two days of Holi. Whether you know the person or not is irrelevant to them smearing colour all over you. People dance around to the desi-est songs on the planet and have great fun.

While there are many explanations as to why Holi is celebrated, there is one common theme among this: Holi denotes the triumph of good over evil. It signifies that as bad as the world may get, the good part will always prevail.

This festival of colours has got us extremely pumped, and so we are going to educate you on a few ways through which you can make this Holi 2020 the best!

Card Games

Let’s be real, all of us living in this modern era have jobs that most likely require us to be somewhere away from home and it is not practical for all of us to go back home to celebrate Holi.

Don’t let this hurdle affect your Holi spirit (see what we did there?), though. It is highly common for people to celebrate Holi by playing card games with their family, so what you can do is play online card games for Holi.

All traces of homesickness will be removed when you engage in desi games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti and Jhandi Munda in your favourite Indian online casino! The casinos in India also have some exciting promotional offers just for this festival, so be sure to check them out while you’re at it!


This is quite obvious. Head on out to play during the Holi festival! Get your Pichkaris (water guns filled with coloured water) and coloured powder, and play some legendary Holi pranks on your friends and family!

Even complete strangers are fair game during this festival as it signifies the unity in diversity. So all you have to do is put on some white clothes and take a walk!

Indoor Parties

Once the day ends and everyone is tired from all the colour-smearing that took place, all they want is to clean themselves and be indoors. So Indoor Parties are an amazing way through which you can let off steam.

Invite all your friends and family, and play some desi card games with them! We hope you have all the fun!

Board Games

Not everyone wants to have a party, and that is completely okay. Sometimes, all you want to do is chill at home with just the people you’re comfortable enough to be your most unflattering with.

A fun way to spend time with these special people is by playing some good old board games! When we say board games, don’t think about Monopoly and stuff. This is a desi festival, so playing a desi board game would be the right fit!

Indian board games such as Jhandi Munda are the most fun to play when the number of people you play with is quite small. Grab your die and start playing!

Eat and Binge!

Another fun way to spend your time during this festival is by just relaxing. You can just choose to eat your favourite food and watch all the desi movies you can. We recommend Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, because come on! Balam Pichkari all the way!

Whether you choose to do something or not is up to you. This festival is meant for you to have fun, so keep in mind that time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted at all! Happy Holi, everyone! May this year be what everyone wants it to be!

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