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[BEST] Youtube Thumbnail Maker – Create 100% FREE Thumbnails

Nitesh Arya



Youtube Thumbnail Maker

Namaste friends in this article we will gonna to talk about, the benefits of creating custom thumbnails and whats are best Youtube Thumbnails Maker.
What are the free resources of creating custom thumbnails, and also paid one?

If Your want to Download thumbnails from any youtube videos check out this YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Youtube Thumbnail Maker

So Let’s See

We will talk about

What are the Benefits of using custom thumbnails?
What are the best free and paid resources of creating custom thumbnails

What are the Benefits of using custom thumbnails?

As you know YouTube is capable of generating custom thumbnails from your video while you’re uploading your videos. but these thumbnails are nothing more than just screenshots of your video. YouTube automatically generates only 3 screenshots from your video, if it’s not able to generate right kind thumbnail which normally happens then it’s going to really harm your video views so in order to fix that you have to add custom thumbnails.


Using custom thumbnail can boost your CTR rate up to 10 times if you are using attractive thumbnails to represent your videos well

High CTR rate on your videos automatically going to increase your videos views

Increase views on your videos automatically going to result as increase share on social media, likes and comments, if viewers like your videos

High share on social media, likes and comments, automatically going to make your videos to trend on YouTube


Best free and paid resources of generating custom thumbnails?

There are many websites from where you can generate your custom thumbnails, but I don’t want to waste your time so, I am going to share with you some of top and best free and paid custom thumbnail generator web sites and softwares.

Top website for Custom thumbnail generator

  1. Canva

Canvas is one of the tops and most used website for generating custom thumbnails for YouTube it has many options with many free preloaded templates and icons, which make easier for anybody to generate thumbnails.

Visit The Link

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Tips & Tricks

How to Get Thumbnail of any Youtube Videos

Nitesh Arya



Hey, friends today I am going to share with you how to download or save any YouTube videos thumbnail which can be used in any kinds of video editing or photo editing. 

Why Need Thumbnail?

suppose you like a video and you want to make a copy of thunders like as that would you have so for that you have to download that ambulance and they see how they made it that and then copy it.

How to Save Youtube Thumbnail

In order to download or save YouTube video thumbnails, there is one of the most famous website which name is I personally using this website so I highly recommend you to use this website.

The things you have to do in order to download, that just copy the link of any video and just past on the input box is automatically going to generate Three Types of the thumbnail I mean 3 different quality and size whatever you liked just click on that image and just save it…. thats it

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