if you are planning to buy solar induction cooktop in India then you have to wait really long.

because in Solar induction stove read only a few products is available online and none of them have branded product, and also the price is too high so is not easy to get solar induction stove in India right now but soon is going to be normal.

I am not just talking about induction cooktop, even if you buy. And want to use this product you still have to invest lots of money in solar system I mean you have to set up at least two kilowatt solar system in order to run this solar induction stove.

I think cost of installing a 2 kilowatt solar system going to be almost 1 lacs rupees, So no doubt normal middle class can’t afford this much of investment in solar system, but upper middle class can so if you are belonging to the upper middle class or you want to save lots of money in the long term then you should invest in solar system.

Solar Induction Cooktop Vs GAS

so if you are concerned what your security or safety then I highly suggest you go for induction cooktop, whether it’s solar or electric does not matter but you go on induction cooktop because as you know gas is not safe anything can happen and even in long-term induction cooktop especially if you’re using solar one going to be lot cheaper and it can save your lots of money, so use your mind.

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