Creating professional videos can be a tedious task. Often, many of these mistakes cannot be detected by the human eye and can lead to a less-than-satisfactory result. You may not realize the severity of making embarrassing violations in your videos initially, but you will feel guilty of these errors later. 

Thankfully, online video editors are there to correct many of these errors. So, don’t let video mistakes embarrass you; instead, use Intelligent Video Assistant to make amazing videos. 

To save you time and energy, here is a list of 6 common video errors and an idea of fixing them out:

  • Inconsistent Audio

One of the most common video errors is the poor audio mix. On your timeline, there are typically two kinds of audio components: voice and music. Both these audio components are integral parts of videos. Voice communicates content, and music sets the mood. But, there must be a good balance between both of these components. For instance, if your music mix is too loud, it will overpower the voice, and your audience will miss the message. Newbie moviemakers often either let music overpower the narration or vice versa.

How to fix:

Most of today’s intelligent video assistants feature an automatic audio control technique. All you need to do is to pay special attention to the sound and adjust the audio until both the audio components harmoniously blend and sound pleasing to the ears. 

Pro Tip:

Often, you may not realize there is an issue with the audio until you reach the post-production stage. A pro tip here to figure out the audio issue during the editing stage only is to close your eyes and just listen to the video. If it does not sound pleasing, use the audio control feature to adjust the sound no matter how amazing your footage is!

  • Incomplete Transitions

Incomplete transitions are another personal pet peeve. They occur when a transition effect extends longer than a video clip. Often, newbie movie makers place the transition between two clips, and the duration of one of the clips is shorter. The previous clip ends abruptly and shows a black screen to the viewer before the next clip comes. 

How to fix:

The simple solution to this video error is to adjust your transition time or extend the length of the previous video clip. Intelligent video assistants make it easy to trim your video, set the proper length of it, and then drag and drop a transition effect on them. If you still see a black screen anywhere in the video, you should extend the length of the previous clip.

Pro Tip:

Here, the pro tip is to make sure that the previous clips extend longer to adjust transition time.

  • Inefficient Graphics

Next comes the graphic related editing error. Here, you need to make sure whatever fonts, colours, texts, shadows, etc. you use in the video are consistent throughout the video. Using hard-to-read colours, multiple fonts in a single graphic leads to unreadable text, and typo errors; these are a few of the most common video violations that you can easily correct by just rechecking your video. 

How to fix:

Take a look at video editing tutorials on how to add graphics in VideoCreek to keep the graphics cool, crisp, legible, and pleasing-to-eyes. Refine your graphics and make sure that they are clear and comprehensible.

Pro Tip:

Here, professionals advise choosing a font that sticks throughout the video. Pick a colour palette that coordinates with the font size and style. Change your creativity wherever it does not balance with the colour and text. Remember that less is more.

  • Improper Pacing

Music drives the pace of production. Have you ever watched a video with fast-paced footage but a slow music track, or vice versa? If yes, you can better understand how tormenting it is to view a video with improper pacing. There is nothing worse than matching hyper-fast edits with plodding music or the opposite. Slow-paced music sounds best with longer shots and likewise fast-paced music with quick shots. And, when we fail to do so, the pace does not play properly.

How to fix:

An intelligent video assistant has plenty of free music templates that provide a way to set the mood of your scene. All you need to do is to browse the inventory and find the right track for your video. Select a soundtrack and edit your visuals to set the right pace for the production.

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Pro Tip:

To produce an awesome video, first, focus on your edit and then look for the music that may harmonize the edit. Set a soothing rhythm in your mind and find out the places where a shot cuts short or goes too long. Let intelligent video assistants adjust the shot lengths that create a good pace throughout and work with your story.

  • Irregular frames

Think you have crafted a wonderful video, you put your camera away and recline to view your video for the first time, and then you figure out you have left too much space in the positioning of elements in the frame. The disruptive flash frames are not often perceptible, but they do form uneasiness and make your viewers feel that something is not right.

How to fix: 

The solution is to pay special attention to irregular frames and fine-tune the positioning of elements in the frame. If you don’t have sly eyes to catch wayward frames, it is wise to zoom in each of the frames on your timeline and review them to make sure they are perfect. Also, intelligent video assistants like VideoCreek make it easy to maintain the frame’s equilibrium.

Pro Tip:

If you film your video at full 1920×1080 HD, edit it in a 1280×720 timeline. This strategy will give you enough room to tactic your shot and help you maintain the aspect ratio.

  • Inadequate duration

Inadequate duration is a major distraction to viewers. It is an unavoidable video violation. So, there is no room for grace on this blunder. This mistake occurs when a video clip drops quickly without giving enough time to read it out. 

How to fix: 

Don’t stress much about the duration of your video clips. Just use efficient video editing software and be rest assured that the text in a frame will get adequate time to read. The video editor features an intelligent video assistant (IVA) that adjusts the frame duration as per the demand of the clips.

Pro Tip: 

When working on duration, think about which clip you want to highlight more. Allow intelligent video assistants to draw attention to specific areas of your video, which you want to emphasize more. 

Edit well!

The key to craft a successful video is to purge the predictable problems. Now that you know the possible video errors, add them to your review list and make sure to eliminate them from your edits. Remember, if hard work is the teacher, smart work is the saviour. So, focus more on using smart video assistants like VideoCreek to produce perfect videos. With such smart video editing software (IVA), anyone can become a video maker overnight. 

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