Visual presentations impact the viewers more than any other form of representation. Therefore, most business houses opt for video creations to market their products and services. 

However, creating a video is as complex as writing an article. While writing a blog or an article, the writer may commit several grammatical errors or spelling errors unknowingly. 

Similarly, while creating a video, you can make several mistakes related to framing, alignment, text imposition, animation, etc. We, at InVideo, understand the problems you might face while creating a video. Accordingly, we have devised our software for video-makers to free them from the hassle of managing a thousand tasks flawlessly. 

We make sure that every visual frame of the video turns out to be a delight for the viewers and keeps the spectators glued to the screen. 

Our intelligent video assistant is all about making your creation more perfect. This software is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that has already revolutionized technology’s field with its amazing potential. IVA, alternatively known as Intelligent Video Assistant, is another technological boon that can help your business reach its zenith. 

Here are some of the benefits of using our IVA software to add an edge to your creation. 

Reasons for Using IVA Software for Creating a Video

Several functionalities associated with our IVA make sure that your final video output turns out to be flawless, captivating, and technically perfect. Here are some of the changes you will come across once you implement our software for creating your videos. 

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Enhanced Text Legibility

Have you ever come across a video with texts on it? Did you get the words right, or they seemed a little out of focus? This is a signature problem with videos most of the time. When text is inserted on a video frame, the words seem hazy and illegible. 

If the text contains any vital information, your purpose in integrating the words into the video will be in vain. Hence, we have developed our video editing software for YouTube in a way that it would help your video display the text sharply and legibly so that the target audience gets to read and understand the same instantly. 

Engaging Animations

Of all the video output forms, the animation is the one that captures the attention of the spectators most effectively. But, creating excellent quality and technically flawless animation needs efficiency. You have to know the best ways to get it done and must have equally competent video editing software supporting the task. 

Here comes the importance of our IVA software that takes care of all the functional specifications associated with making an animation in the best way possible. Our software will ensure the hassle-free making of visually arresting animations.

Maintaining Frame Equilibrium

A video frame can be minimalistic or augmented, but it must be in equilibrium in either case. No matter if you are dealing with several elements while creating a video frame or a few, putting them all together in a way that the final output seems to be in harmony needs methodical execution. 

Our IVA software ensures that every frame you compose becomes a reality visualized. We understand that when a frame loses its equilibrium, the desired impact cannot be rendered to any video. Hence, to ensure optimal output every time, our IVA software makes the video a visual delight by providing frame equilibrium. 

Accuracy in Alignment

Alignment is another important aspect of a video. The right arrangement of all the elements present on a frame can change the overall appeal of the video instantly while a lack of it can ruin the hard work.  

Our IVA software makes sure that your frame aesthetics are adequately maintained, and the output comes out to be technically perfect and eye-soothing. We understand the importance of preserving frame balance while creating a video output and have devised the IVA software accordingly to fit your requirements.

Adequate Resizing

Have you ever faced difficulty allocating space for the text box without affecting the essence of the image of a video? Our IVA software can help you if you are making a video with a text box. IVA will effortlessly resize the text box to make the video frame soothing to the eye. 

Augmenting Images

How would it look if the products displayed through a video would have blurred out edges? This will be prevented with our IVA software while taking care of your video creation process. Also, IVA makes sure that the image fits perfectly within the screen without any margin spills. 

Gripping Dynamic Motion

Our IVA software knows the best way to deal with your video and make it a visual treat for everyone. Therefore, it adds special effects and animation to still images to lend them a dynamic motion effect. These additions undoubtedly make the video outputs more engaging. 

Seamless Flow

A video is as good as its flow through the duration. Any carefully created video might lose its charm if it ends abruptly. Also, a video with unnecessarily lengthy content would be an equally repelling one. 

We have devised our IVA software to help the video-makers maintain a seamless flow of the content while rendering it an engaging start and a comprehensive ending. Our IVA software also takes care of the duration by allowing enough time for the text frames to be read by the viewers properly. 


If you are looking for reliable and efficient video editing software, you can place your faith in InVideo’s Intelligent Video Assistant software that ensures superior quality images, perfect duration, seamless flow, and appropriate text content on the frames. The videos created by implementing our IVA stands apart from the rest in every aspect. Our movie maker will further enhance the quality of your videos and bring top-tier results.

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