Online game platforms give you access to excellent titles in a matter of minutes. Instead of downloading full games to your PC, phone, or console, you can use the platforms to stream them instantly to any device. Some allow you to play a monthly access fee, while others require you purchase individual games. Either way, they are an affordable and rich source of gameplay. One of the simplest and most fun games you can play on online game platforms is bingo, which is growing more and more popular around the world. Learn how to play online bingo here through Gamble Online’s detailed strategy and rule guide. Meanwhile, let-s review the best gaming platforms for this and other online games like poker.

1. NVidia GeForce Now

Although it has impressive perks and features, it is important to point out from the get-go that NVidia GeForce Now is not a streaming game service. After you install the software on your PC, you have to buy games to play from digital stores like Uplay and Steam. GeForce has a cloud-based processor that will allow you to access and play these games on any device, including your tablet and mobile phone. That said, the service requires Windows 7 64-bit or later or macOS 10.10 or later and faster download speeds of between 15 and 25 Mbps. You can expect 1080p quality when transmitting your games to PC, Mac, or NVidia Shield. Although not all games are compatible, the service supports up to 500 titles.

2. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now costs $9.99 a month to play but also offers a seven-day free trial. This service features over 750 games across PS2, PS3, and PS4, all of which you access once you pay the subscription fee. Usually, you play these games on your PC by installing the program and using the settings on your console to pair the two systems over Wi-Fi. You will need your own DualShock 4 controller, but the number of titles you will get is worth it. Although some games rotate in and out every month, you can expect series like Uncharted, Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil, God of War, and Ratchet & Clank, all available at 1080p resolution. 

3. Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a cloud-accessible game console from google. It streams games to your device in 4K at 60 frames per second. Paying the $9.99 subscription every month allows you to play free games, or you could buy the games separately on Stadia. Overall, Stadia offers over 100 title options that you can stream to almost any PC or MAC through chrome. You can also stream to several Android smartphones through the Stadia app or your TV through Chromecast Ultra. Any controller works here unless you are playing on TV, in which case you need the official Stadia controller. Remember, this platform allows you to buy individual games just as you would on your PC unless you get a monthly subscription. 

4. Xbox Game Pass

An Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription will set you back $10 and give you access to more than 100 games. The platform allows you to save these titles on your Xbox One hard drive, which means your gaming quality will be unaffected by internet speed. If you pay the membership fee, you can even play without an internet connection. Like NVidia, this platform allows you to stream your favorite games to many devices. You can use a web app to play on iOS or a specialized app to play on your Android phone or Windows PC. You can also use the Xbox app to stream games and operate your console wirelessly on a Windows 10 PC as long as you have an Xbox One, One X, or One S. Of all its perks, you might enjoy the Oculus Rift most, which allows you to use a flat screen to create a large virtual environment.

5. Amazon Luna

Luna is Amazon’s gaming subscription platform. It allows you to stream many games over the internet and features about 75 titles. Every month, you will pay a $5.99 subscription fee and access these games on your iPad, Fire TV, Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and some Android phones. You can use a compatible gamepad like DualShock 4, Xbox One, or even a keyboard and mouse to play games on the Amazon Luna Platform. Alternatively, you can get the Amazon Luna controller. You will need at least 35Mbps to stream titles in 4K and at least 10Mbps for 1080p. You will also need an invitation to join.


As you can see, there are multiple impressive game streaming platforms that allow you to enjoy your favorite games conveniently across your devices. Your choice will ultimately come down to how you wish to purchase your games. NVidia is the best option if you own a gaming PC and just want to play your games on your phone or a TV. On the other hand, PlayStation Now will serve you best if you do not own any games, thanks to its extensive library.

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