As normal people, there are many celebrities that like to gamble. They can go to casinos or use the Internet.

Celebrities can play many kinds of games, such as Blackjack, Keno 24/7, Poker amount others. About Keno 24/7, it’s drawn every 4 minutes. The amount of your prize depends exclusively on the numbers and the multiplier you choose! Players can play and check keno results online; there are several reliable online casinos that offer this game! Furthermore, Keno is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It is a mixture of Bingo and Lottery, as it is based on choosing and drawing numbers.

So, let’s start our list of celebrities who like to play Keno or other gambling games.

Celebrities and gambling: card games are their favorites

Those who win big gambling tournaments and win the biggest prizes at the card tables are always particularly well-known. Players have a certain influence on the outcome of the game. We usually attribute a win to the player and not luck, which still plays a role.

Insider tip: It doesn’t always have to be blackjack or poker – the new Netflix series Queens Gambit surprisingly focuses on chess. A must-see for all gaming fans, regardless of the gaming industry!

So, let’s discover a few celebrities who gamble when they are not under the spotlight.

Bruce Willis

It doesn’t always have to be poker, and Bruce Willis is a living example that there are other entertaining games. Bruce Willis is particularly fond of Baccarat and craps, two games that are not nearly as well known as poker and blackjack but are in no way inferior to them.

Craps is a dice game, and Baccarat is a card game that involves exceptionally high stakes – a fitting game for a millionaire actor. His winnings are in the hundreds of thousands, which is quite considerable, although we don’t know the exact amount.

Boris Becker

Both Boris Becker and Max Kruse should not go unmentioned in the celebrity gambling world.

Boris Becker is not only a successful poker player but also appears as the face of online poker platforms. He is said to proceed in the game and when driving a car. He tries to succeed through knowledge, strategy, and ability. However, he hardly makes any money at the poker table anymore.

Max Kruse

Max Kruse excels in skill and gameplay, even in the global poker pro league. He has competed in numerous WSOP events, made it to the final table at a Lowball WSOP event in 2014, and emerged from the tournament with thousands of euros in profits. In addition to his football career, rumors say he equipped himself with a good financial cushion in poker.

Cameron Diaz: Gamer and Philanthropist 

Gambling is also popular among famous women. One of them is Cameron Diaz. It’s not shocking because Cameron starred in several films more or less related to casinos. Occasionally, she buys chips and even enters poker contests. In addition, the star donates the money she raises to kids with cancer.

Tobey Maguire

We probably all know Tobey Maguire from countless films such as Spiderman or The Great Gatsby. He is also known for gambling and his penchant for poker rounds. However, we could not find out whether he was as good at the game as Ben Affleck was at the time.

Shannon Elizabeth 

This American actress, famous for her role as Nadia in “American Pie,” has reinvented her career.

Shannon became a professional poker player, a great one as well. She has been to the Las Vegas Valley and has participated in poker tournaments with some high-profile players. 

Ray Romano 

The next celebrity on our list is a stand-up comedy actor and comedian Ray Romano, famous for his role in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Romano is also known as a great poker player. He has participated in the biggest tournament globally, the World Series of Poker, more than once.

Brad Garrett 

Another actor from the series “Everybody Loves Raymond” is also on our list. The actor is among the top ten celebrities to play poker for money. Does everyone who loves Raymond also love poker? 

Jamie Foxx 

In 2003, the actor was involved in an incident with police officers trying to get Jamie and her sister out of Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans. Casino officials explained that the Foxx brothers refused to show their IDs at the entrance.

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