The number of Coronavirus is continuously increasing in the country, so once again there is a complete lockdown in many states, while the relief rate among the increasing cases of corona in Delhi is that It has increased to more than 77 percent. On Friday, 2,089 new cases of Corona virus infection were registered in the country’s capital, after which the number of cases in the state increased to more than 1.09 lakh. However, it is a matter of relief that so far a total of 84,694 patients have been cured from Corona.

At the same time, Bangla films actress Koel Mallick and her father and actor Ranjit Mallick have been found infected with Covid-19. Koel Mallick shared this news with her fans on her Twitter account. She has said that apart from her, her parents, husband Nishapal Singh alias Rane have also turned out to be Covid-19 positive. In such a situation, everyone has quarantined themselves.

Koel Mallick wrote, ‘Baba, mother, Rane and I have been found to be Covid-19 positive … have self-quarantined.’ Koel Mallick recently gave birth to a baby boy on 5 May. Only after he shared this news, his colleagues and fans in the industry are posting messages wishing him a quick recovery.

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