House of the future – this concept has been exciting minds of engineers and designers not the first decade. In 1956 the guys from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology made experiments with plastic houses, and some years later so-called inflatable houses became fashionable. 

Anyway, the smart home is a much more complex thing. This is not just a building, a smart home includes smart robotic servants, video intercoms, and control systems. And since the technologies are improving very fast… maybe one day there will be even no human dealers in the casinos, and the entertainment industry. Take a look at the online casino with human live dealers while you still can – online casino with live dealers.

Well, even if it was just a joke, in this article, we will talk about several new technologies which will help people to bring more emergence in hi-tech houses. Let’s dream a bit. Here you come home after a heavy day and press the button which is made to light your house. The light in the hall, in the kitchen, in the bedroom switched on. So, the first important thing would be a smart control system to control the light in the house.


So, you could in this case have a special remote controller by means of which it is possible to set all necessary settings of lighting day. 

Similar lighting systems are available already today.  By the way, one more advantage of an automatic control system of lighting would be the economy of the electric power and money.

It would be quite good if the similar system was in each house. And already now there is her working prototype which is called Powerhouse Dynamics. The system monitors electricity consumption in all houses and also considers its cost and amount of the carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere. If at some point these indicators sharply increase, then she should warn the owner of the house.

Also, Powerhouse Dynamics traces a condition of the equipment that its owner didn’t spend money for unnecessary repair. At the same time the clever system can report when it is simpler to buy, for example the new fridge, than to repair old.

The next invention is the smart toilet.  All those who were in Asia, especially in Japan, are very strongly impressed with their toilets. And it is clear: many toilets used there are the “smart” ones, and they are totally different from the ceramic, usual ones.  The number of buttons on them exceeds all reasonable limits, and often it is even difficult to guess what functions they have.


Practically all Japanese toilets work by the principle of a bidet. Besides, many new models have been equipped with an additional dryer thanks to which the need for use of toilet paper completely disappears.

One more function of Asian toilets is even useful to married couples, sometimes it can help to keep marriages and relationships. It is about automatic lifting and lowering of toilet covers. Also, practically every smart toilet has a heated seat, a built-in cleaner, and an air freshener. Nowadays toilet bowls with a special antibacterial covering have become more and more popular.

At the same time in the future, there will be even more advanced toilets which will help us to watch the state of health. Already now some of the Japanese toilets are capable of carrying out the express analysis of urine, reporting about diabetes. And in the future, they will learn to define the availability of drugs in blood or possible pregnancy. It is possible that “ceramic friends” will even be able to advise about healthy nutrition or necessary physical exercises to support an organism in good shape. 

But there is an important question: will humans listen to their smart friends?

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