JSTorrent: Hello folks, so here we are back again with another interesting tech topic of the week, as we all know that the pandemic had made our technology more reliable and dependable. So, today in this article we are going to describe and discuss everything about the most popular topic on the internet that is JSTorrent.

If you don’t know about the JSTorrent then also you don’t need to worry about it because here we are providing complete information regarding the JSTorrent. We are going to provide everything related to the JSTorrent such as JSTorrent GitHub, Download JSTorrent for Chromebooks, and much more other information. So, if you are also interested in using the JSTorrent or want to know more about the JSTorrent Application then you must read this article till the end.

Download JSTorrent Latest Version- GitHub 

JSTorrent is the newly developed interface for users with low specs’ devices or for Chromebook users. It is lightweight and easy to use. Especially if you are looking for downloading torrents on your Chromebook then you must read this article. We are going to explain to you every single detail about this JSTorrent and the uses of JS torrent.

It is free software developed by open sources and the open file download of the JSTorrent is available on the official website of the JSTorrent and also it is available on the open-source development platform that is GitHub. You can download the latest as well as previous versions of the JSTorrent also from the GitHub Website or platform.

If you are a Chromebook user or you are very familiar with the google chrome environment then also don’t worry because the official plug-in for the Chrome OS  and Google Chrome Browser is as well. The official developers have created this official JSTorrent plug-in which is actually an integration to the official Chrome OS and Chrome Web Browser.

JSTorrent- What is JSTorrent?

JSTorrent is officially a third-party software developed by the open-source development community to provide the feature to download torrent files in the Chrome OS and Google Chrome Browser. If you are a tech lover then you must have heard about the torrents on the internet. 

Benefits of Using Torrents

Torrents had definitely made our life easier as these torrents, as there are several advantages of using torrents. Some of its benefits are listed here below-

  • Downloads of any Content in the form of Torrent are easily available on the Website.
  • Torrents are usually directly linked with the servers and hence are considered as best.
  • With the help of Torrents, you can actually download multiple torrent files at a time.
  • These torrent Downloads are always resumable and support the resume download feature.
  • The files downloaded in the form of torrent download can achieve the maximum number of download speeds when compared to normal downloads.

Need of the JSTorrent

As we know that Chromebooks and Chrome OS had gained a lot of popularity in the past years as this Operating System is very lightweight and simple or easy to use. But many users are complaining that Chrome OS is not supporting the basic BitTorrent or BitTorrent Client that are like uTorrent, Vuze, and many other applications.

Now, for Chrome OS users its became very hard to download and open torrent files on their devices therefore to enable this torrenting feature in the Chrome OS, developers had enabled the JSTorrent application. This JSTorrent Application and plug-in are proved to be a boon for the Chrome OS users as the users can actually access the torrents online and open torrent files in the Chrome OS also. Now, the users of the Chrome OS can also do torrenting easily and freely without applications like uTorrent and Vuze.

Features of JSTorrent

As we had told you earlier that there are applications like the JSTorrent. There are other applications also similar to the JSTorrent application. But the JSTorrent program is one of the most famous torrents downloading and opening programs for Chromebook. The JSTorrent plug-in extension for the Chromebook is written in JavaScript, this simply clarifies that the JSTorrent is the extension or application which can run on the whole computer and doesn’t connect to servers. JSTorrent plug-in is very useful for Chromebook users as this JSTorrent provides their services on cloud-based online services. Therefore, there is no need to install this JSTorrent Software on your Chromebook. Therefore, you can download any file in your Chromebook using the JSTorrent plug-in.

JSTorrent Program Direct Download for the Chromebooks

If you are a Chromebook user or you still love to use the Google Chrome Web Browser then you should download the JSTorrent Program to download and open online torrent files on your computer. This is one of the most reliable add-ins or plug-in extensions in the Chrome Web Store or in the Chrome OS environment. 

JSTorrent is free to download for everyone. It is open source and it is also available on free development platforms. If you want to download the JSTorrent then you can download it using the official Chrome Web Store. You can directly download this program also in your PC from the official website of the JSTorrent.  The previous versions of the JSTorrent and the development versions of this JSTorrent software are also available on the famous free development platform GitHub.

How to download Torrents on Chromebooks

You can easily download Torrents on Chromebooks using JSTorrent. You can simply download the JSTorrent file and after that, you can get access to free torrent download links as well. For downloading a torrent link in the Chromebook all you need to do is open the torrent download site and then copy the link of the download and then open the JSTorrent. Once you will paste the link in the JSTorrent box and the JSTorrent will automatically download the file to your computer. This software is very easy to use and it is well integrated with the latest updates of the Chrome OS. The JSTorrent is an active software and the developers are always committed to providing the latest updates to this JSTorrent Software.

JSTorrent Alternatives

If you are a Chromebook user and you also want to download torrents on your PC but you don’t want to use JSTorrent or you are unable to use the JSTorrent on your PC due to some technical errors. Then, here are some of the best alternatives of the JSTorrent software- 

  • Put.io
  • Streamza

Frequently Asked Questions-

What is the official website of the JSTorrent?

The official website of JSTorrent is – https://www.jstorrent.com/ , you can use this website to download the JSTorrent software for your PC.

Where I can install the JSTorrent?

You can install the JSTorrent in your Google Chrome OS or if you use Google Chrome then you can use it in your Web browser as well.

Can I download JSTorrent from Chrome Web Store?

Yes, JSTorrent plug-in extension for google chrome is available in the Google Chrome Web Store. So, you can download it from there.

What is the use of JSTorrent?

JSTorrent is used to download and access the torrent files and torrent download links in the Google Chrome Operating System.


Here in the above, we had discussed and described everything related to one of the most famous software JSTorrent. If you are also a tech lover then you must read about this famous and popular software JSTorrent. In the above article, we had mentioned everything related to the JSTorrent such as the uses, features, and download of the JSTorrent software. So, we hope that you like this article. For more such news and updates, keep following us on our website.

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