So if you are using Lenny faces to communicate with your friends on a social media. Then you are in right place, In this article i am going share with some of best websites for lenny face and text faces.

https://www.lennyfaceguru. com/

Lennyfaceguru. com website is my favourite, because it has very easy optional to use. I mean it’s user friendly, you can easily copy any lenny faces just one click. It also has one of the best option which is it’s remember your recent selected lenny faces. I mean if you are using a specific lenny faces every time. It’s going to remember that and add that lenny face on top.

2nd is which is older than lennyfaceguru .com and it also has same features as lennyfaceguru. com has so nothing new.

https://www.jemoticons. com/en/lenny-face/

This is 3rd most used Lenny faces website, this also has same features as other two has nothing new but this website is so much popular compared to both of them.

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