Today we will give you information on Isaimini Bollywood. So let us without delay in movies Isaimini – 2023 Download Site. Who doesn’t want each new film after the release?

By the way, you get to see all the films released this year because many users, even if you agree to go somewhere, they insist to go there more than ever because curiosity arises after each and every click.

While it is fun to watch movies at night, but it is wrong to look at the following the wrong path so, we brought this information to you so you can have a piece of good knowledge of the subject. Those you do not know yet, if you are also one of them, then this article is just for you.

This Isaimini fun is a pirated website from which any type of film i.e. Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, and Hindi dubbed movies can be downloaded. Most people visit Isaimini New Site more often from Chandigarh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh.

Because for them, a better site can be found by downloading and watching movies but it should be known before downloading movies from Isaimini whether downloading movies and downloading from the hacked website is a crime.

However, some users are unaware of and use different kinds of software to avoid. While it can change its IP after it downloads the full movie here and shares with the people. Because in all of today’s times like watching new films.

Therefore, these people do not steal to download and feel free to download. Even some people started downloading movies on YouTube. If you do this too, be careful because you can be taken at any time.

Well, that thing is different if they have not made the ID on their right name or right address. Because it becomes very difficult to find such people and even if they are searched, someone else comes out.

Isaimini 2023 – Bollywood Movies Download

Isaimini 2020 - Download Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
Isaimini 2023 – Download Bollywood, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies

Although the government cannot learn a lesson by catching each person for this, they definitely take action on the Bollywood website.

Because websites like Isaimini Bollywood Movies promote online piracy. Because of which users also get drawn towards them. And let’s download movies vigorously.

One thing and, more recently, the screws have been tightened on large sites like tamilrockers. It has the ability to fly a movie on the day of release. Although the procedures are continuing on Tamilrockers, these people back on the market again.

Because there are those who work behind toppers, probably use their brains in these bad things. Because they have to work according to their wish and here these people work with the team. Because it would be difficult for one guy to do everything

That is why these people do such works through teamwork. However piracy is not limited to India only, but the country in which a movie is produced. You will find people doing such leaks in all those places. Their website is very popular soon.

Isaimini Hindi Dubbed Movie

Even the biggest directors of Tamil rockers like Isaimini today are afraid that their film may not be leaked on the Isaimini on website. Then films can be produced. But some websites like Isaimini leak into Hindi dubbed and break into the business. Due to which the filmmaker and his team begin to suffer.

If you also download movies from here, then be cautious. Because downloading a movie from a pirated website is a crime. But still people said that even after hearing so much, they start making up their mind to download more movies.

Because watching movies has become a habit of some people, if they do not watch a new movie at night, then they do not sleep, even when some people do not sleep at night, they spend their night watching the film.

Isaimini Proxy Site List

This site works with many types of domain names on the Internet, some of which we are telling you below. Although they include those which have been closed, still they become operational after a few days, which makes it easy for people to download movies in a minute.

What kind of movies can be downloaded from Isaimini

Isaimini Pro is available to download the film in many languages. But the list of which is at the top of these, we are telling below. Recently, Netflix’s Sacred Games 2 has also been uploaded here.

Bollywood Movies

In this category, you get to see a collection of old to new movies, with the help of this you can download Bollywood movies of any year. To download you first have to go to one section. After that, you have to choose that film according to your mind.

Once you have confirmed the download you want to download, when you click on its download link, you are redirected to another page. Where you get to see some promotional related content and when you cut back and re-enter the Isaimini live website.

So some links appear to download the movie. As soon as you check all the links one by one, then a link to download the real movie is found in any one of them. After which any user can download them according to their data.

Hollywood movies

Although not every Hollywood film is seen in India, but Hollywood has such a superhit movie. Which every Indian definitely wants to see, like the recent Avengers Infinity War or the superhero movie Indian people love to watch.

Because we have been seeing these superheroes since childhood that too in the form of cartoons, and when Hollywood converts them with real people then the desire to see it increases even more. Because of which Hollywood people also get good business in India.

But Isaimini is my website, writing these also do not halt. Because they are looking for movies that people find online. Or people who are crazy about them. In this section you get all those Hollywood movies. Which you like to watch, here you get to see movies related to action-adventure and mystery.

Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies

Although Hollywood movies are often seen in Hindi dubbed, one thing to know that more people prefer to watch Hollywood movies in Tamil as Hindi so you must have noticed that Hollywood movies are not in Hindi

It is definitely seen in Tamil because the craze of watching Hollywood movies in the South is more than North India. Because the Tamil people also enjoy watching Hollywood blockbusters the Tamil website also made Hollywood movies available to their viewers dubbed in Tamil.

Because most of Hollywood’s films like Spider-Man 3 are in Hindi dubbed and then dubbed in Tamil, Kannada and other languages. She has since gone on to release in theaters. But they are leaked before release.

Bengali Movies

In India, Bengali is spoken mostly in the state of Kolkata. And Bengali movies are also produced in the same state. But apart from Bengali movies, the public there has to watch Hollywood or Bollywood movies also.

Due to which the chances of getting more viewers to these people increases and in this context, they also write Bengali movies. So that users from every corner of India can come to Isaimini online site. Not only this, we can also come from other countries and go only by downloading movies from here.

South Dubbed 2023

Top Hit Telegu Movies 2023 Download

Not only speakers but Tamizh Hindi also likes to watch films from the South. So these people keep most of the time looking film called South Hindi on the Internet. So much so that if you watch videos on YouTube, then you must have noticed that when an old film in Tamil is on YouTube

So it is seen most often because India has the highest number of Hindi speakers and the number of people who understand Hindi is also high. Due to which their audience also grows mostly. Therefore, on public demand, these people also make South Movie available by dubbing it in Hindi.

What makes it easy for people to watch the movie? Because today, South Indian films are in demand and because the history of these people is different what makes the public enjoy watching their movies more.

Isaimini Hollywood Movies Download in Hindi

Isaimini Hollywood’s interface is as simple as the Pagalworld website. Where all Hollywood movies have been given one category to download which makes it easy for people to find the movie of their choice

This can be downloaded by clicking on another page but with this website being fast, there is also some unwanted ad that can be difficult for you, but still people do not stop downloading movies from here because they know that don’t skip doing it because they know how to download. As we mentioned above, Isaimini is a pirated website. And you should save yourself from downloading Pirates Movies from here. Because such a website can prove to be wrong for you as well the result of this will be seen later.

Isaimini is one of the most famous and widely used pirated website just after tamilrockers, but now it changed itself with different-different domain name. I have listed some of domain name which are active and banned, it share copyright contents like latest movies and musics. One more thing you should know that Isaimini is not only limited to Tamil language, it’s also share copyright contents of other languages.

List Of Domain Name of Isaimini Active and Banned

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How people using isaimini websites ? if it’s banned.

First thing you should know that government is doing everything in order to stop piracy of movies, and music, for that government has banned lots of domain name. But nowadays it’s becoming very common to use VPN network. So lots of citizens use VPN to bypass blocked domain name so they are able to use all the websites which are blocked in india.

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Replica of Isaimini websites

Just recently i saw lots website which is replica or say clone of isaimini website. Like Isaitamil, Isaidub, Moviesraja, Tamilraja


Isaitamill is one of the most famous high quality tamil MP3 downloading website, it’s share remix tamil songs, devotional tamil songs, village tamil songs, theme songs, tamil ringtones and even tamil melody songs so it has really huge amount tamil song collection. They has 2016 to 2019 onwards all tamil song collections.


isaidub is also Tamil movies sharing website but they focus only on dubbing Hollywood movies in Tamil language. if you visit their website you will see they have a huge collection of almost all Hollywood movies dubbed in Tamil language, but they only provide mobile quality.

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Moviesraja and Tamilraja

Movies Raja and Tamilraja is also a famous Tamil movies downloading website, but nowadays this website is not active maybe they have moved to new domain name.

Film industry loos because of Isaimini?

You will surprise to know how much money our film industry loss because of Isaimini. There are many other websites like Isaimini but in this article we will only talk about Isaimini.
So if you search this keyword Isaimini” on Google keyword planner, you will find that it has really huge amount of search volume per month

It’s around 4,090,000 per month

Search volume of only this keyword is around 91 lakhs 40 thousand on Google , and if we multiply this volume with our average ticket price in cinema hall you will get around.

4,090,000 x 120 = 49080000

So this is the 49080000 amount value of our film industry loss because of just this one specific keyword “Isaimini

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What’s my thoughts on Isaimini?

First of all I don’t recommend you to watch or download movies from any illegal website whether it’s hosted in India or outside of India. the reason why I am saying that, because it does not support our film industry which is very bad for our film industry because less money is equal to low quality production.

but if you are living outside of India or you are living in a rural area where is not possible to go in cinema hall and watch movies. Then I highly recommend you to subscribe to some legal and paid websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime ,Sun next and many other website.

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Isaimini News and Updates:

#2 Isaimini has leaked the latest Tamil movie maara, due to which the Tamil film industry has again suffered a huge loss.

#1 From all over the world, Google removed Isamini’s official website from its search results, but even today people search Isamini on Google. Due to which bloggers are misleading people by creating fake website of isaimini.

why government is not able to ban these kinds of websites?

Simple answer is it’s not true, government has banned lots of the domain name related to Isaimini. But problem is with this kinds of pirated website is that they are not hosted in India. So Law enforcement agency only able to ban domain name after court order.

nowadays baning domain name is not 100% effective, the main reason is many apps are coming with free VPN services, which makes Indian people to acess those websites which is banned by law enforcement agency and internet provider.


We never engage our visiter to go to any movie downloading website Like Tamilrockers for the latest movies, and also we did not promote any website. This article is only for educational purposes.

As per the Indian act, piracy of original content is punishable. These websites are not safe to download any movies. If you want to download any movie, please download at your own risk.

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