Hello Tech lovers! Here we are back again with one interesting, amazing, and informative topic for you. Yes, you read it correctly, today we are going to talk and discuss about BitTorrent. If you don’t know that what is BitTorrent and How does it work and What is the use of BitTorrent in modern days then also you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to explain everything about BitTorrent. Not just this only, we are also going to provide you with complete information related to the BitTorrent download, BitTorrent movies download, and BitTorrent file hippo.

We are also going to discuss the top BitTorrent Clients available on the internet. In this article, we are also going to describe the benefits and advantages of BitTorrent. So, if you are also interested in knowing about BitTorrent and related things then you are requested to read the complete article below.

About BitTorrent

BitTorrent is an amazing software program that had really changed the way of downloading and sharing files over the internet. If you people understand the term software and file transfer protocols then you must be likely to be more familiar with BitTorrent. This BitTorrent is not the latest technology over the internet but still many people are unaware of this great file sharing technique or protocol.

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BitTorrent is a famous protocol for sharing large files over the internet. BitTorrent was originally introduced by an American Computer Programmer Bram Cohen. It was introduced in the year 2001. As he was frustrated by downloading files using FTP Protocols. This BitTorrent is one of the most revolutionary protocols introduced for downloading large files in small time.

With the help of this, BitTorrent protocol you can download large files easily and with great speed on the internet. This BitTorrent software protocol helps the users to download large files easily. This software protocol actually creates the large download files into such small size pieces such that you can download the whole file easily and in a very small amount of time.

If you want to know more about BitTorrent, then you can refer to the table given below-

Name of the TopicBitTorrent
Type of softwareFile Sharing and Downloading Protocol
Name of CreatorBram Cohen
Country of OriginUSA
Uses of the SoftwareFor Downloading Large Files and Movies
Some Famous ClientsBitTorrent Web, BitTorrent Classic, Vuze and uTorrent

Uses/Advantages of the BitTorrent

BitTorrent is one of the most efficient and reliable ways to download and share files over the internet. Many people like to download torrent files but they lack the knowledge of the BitTorrent File Sharing protocol and that’s why they rely upon a single torrent downloading client, However, they don’t know that they can download the torrent files over the internet using different BitTorrent Clients. First of all, there are many uses and advantages of using BitTorrent File Sharing and downloading protocol.

Some of the Advantages and uses of BitTorrent are as-

  • Downloading of new and latest files on the internet is a piece of cake with the help of these BitTorrent Clients.
  • BitTorrent protocol is an online file downloading protocol hence the downloading of the file is supported by different Operating system and their respective environments.
  • BitTorrent downloads always support the pause option in the downloading files and the downloading servers also provide safe and secure downloads.
  • BitTorrent is one of the fastest file downloading options for any of the desired files. The BitTorrent enables high-speed download options for the users.
  • With the help of BitTorrent, you can download many files and share many files such as movies, games, etc. in the form of torrent files.
  • There are many BitTorrent clients available on the internet for downloading files using BitTorrent protocols, some of the famous clients are uTorrent and Vuze.

How to Download and Install a BitTorrent Client

If you are also tired up of your downloading process and now you also want to enhance your downloading speed and technology then you can definitely look forward to BitTorrent, you can download any torrent file on the internet using this BitTorrent Clients as there are a number of clients which can be used to download the BitTorrent files. So, now here we are going to show you the steps to download a BitTorrent client on your PC or laptop.

Step 1-You will need to download the official client of BitTorrent, so you can download it from the official website itself.

Link- www.bittorrent.com 

Step 2– Now, you will see the download option on the BitTorrent website, you can choose the download by clicking over it.

Step 3– Now, choose the download type or download file according to your Operating system and click on it, the download process will start shortly.

Step 4– Once the download process will end, locate the file in the file manager app and open the BitTorrent Installation file and allow necessary permissions to the application.

Step 5- Once the setup will begin installing the BitTorrent Client on your PC, wait for a few minutes and once the program is installed correctly, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

BitTorrent Clients- Download 100% Free

As of today, there are many applications or the BitTorrent Clients available in the market or on the internet which are actually making the use of the BitTorrent internet protocol easier. You can choose a perfect BitTorrent Client for yourself according to your requirement and also to your system requirement. So, here we are going to mention some of the famous BitTorrent clients, which can be helpful in providing the features and advantages of BitTorrent. So, here we are the few clients-

  • BitTorrent Classic– This is the basic and the most vintage software used as a BitTorrent Client in modern-day computers as well. This is originally developed by the developers of the BitTorrent software and this is one of the most widely used clients. You can download the BitTorrent Classic app from the link given below. 

Link- https://www.bittorrent.com/products/win/bittorrent-classic-free/ 

  • BitTorrent Web– This is the latest alternative to the BitTorrent Classic. The main advantage of using the BitTorrent Web is that after downloading and installing the game you can stream torrents online while downloading the torrents. You can download your torrent files on the web itself with the help of this BitTorrent Web App. This BitTorrent Web works on the latest browsers and the BitTorrent Web is also 100% safe and useful. 

Link- https://www.bittorrent.com/products/win/bittorrent-web-free/ 

  • uTorrent-This is one of the best and most popular applications for downloading and streaming torrents on the web. This application is used and downloaded by more than 150 million users all around the world. The best thing about this uTorrent application is that the user interface of this application is very user-friendly and the users are also getting the best torrent download speeds.

Link- https://www.utorrent.com/downloads/win/ 

  • Vuze- Vuze is also one of the best torrent downloading clients. The most interesting thing about the Vuze is that the whole program is written in Java and people use this torrent downloading client for downloading movies with torrent. Therefore you can also download Vuze from the link below.

Link- https://www.vuze.com/ 

Frequently Asked Question-

Which is the best Torrent Client?

If you are looking for the best torrent client for torrent downloading then you can use uTorrent, this is one of the most popular torrent clients used by more than 150 million users.

What is the use of BitTorrent?

People are using BitTorrent since the year 2001 and the most characteristic feature of this BitTorrent is that people can share and download larger files using the BitTorrent easily.

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a file-sharing protocol used to download large files over the internet, people can use this protocol using BitTorrent clients available on the internet.

Can I download GTA 5 using BitTorrent?

As you know that GTA 5 is a very large game, that sizes up to 78 GBs, hence it is very hard to download the whole file at once therefore if you use BitTorrent then you can easily download large files into parts at a very high speed.


Here in this article, we had explained every key topic about BitTorrent. As nowadays it is very common and most of people don’t know about this BitTorrent thing till now. But if you want to learn about BitTorrent and want to use it for downloading purposes then you must read the article above. We had also given the 100% working download links of the BitTorrent clients in the article. We hope that the above article is very useful to you. For more such news and articles, stay tuned to our website.

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