It is natural for anyone to have mouth watering after hearing the name of Rasgulla. Rasgulla of Bengal is famous in the country and abroad. Very few people know who created the first rasgulla and when.

Once upon a time there was a long fight between Odisha and West Bengal as to where the product of Rasgulla originated. West Bengal claimed that Rasgulla was invented in his state and that it was made before 1868 by the famous dessert maker Nobin Chandra Das. At the same time, tag was also asked to claim from Odisha but later Bengal won. This is how Nobin Chandra Das used to set up his sweet shop in Calcutta. In 1868, he conducted an experiment to make sweets from chisel and in his experiment, he made the chenna by boiling it in sugar syrup. This is how Rasgulla was invented. Then one day Bhagwan Das Bagla, a big Marwari businessman, was passing by the front of Nobin’s shop with the family. Then his child demanded water and Bhagwan Das went to Nobin’s shop to feed him. He also gave the child to eat rasgulla with water. The child liked it. Then Bhagwan Das also tasted that rasgulla and he liked it so much that he ordered a lot of rasgullas. Whoever ate the rasgulla of Nobin became his lover. Nobin Chandra Das was also called “Columbus of Rasgulla”.

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