Are you buying a new laptop or a PC but have this constant question on your mind ‘what type of hardware do I need?’ Well, you are not alone because buyers often face this dilemma as they want the best for themselves, especially when it comes to the operating system. In today’s world, you have more operating systems than you ever had before, and this only makes things more confusing. It’s safe to say that Windows is definitely a popular option and creative professionals have the tendency to go with Mac OS, but what will work for you? Let’s find out!

Is Windows a Good Option?

Choosing an operating system is no easy task. But most users, even a newbie who’s buying a laptop for the first time, know about Windows, and thus it is often their first choice. The latest versions of Windows are really doing great and have improved a lot compared to their previous versions like the Windows 8. But what is the advantage of choosing an operating system like Windows? The most significant advantage of Windows is that you can use a broad range of software on it, which makes it really versatile for a lot of working professionals and students alike. In fact, the features of Windows 11 are so amazing that they will not only help you get the most work done in the least amount of time but also save your battery. 

Along with all these advantages, it has its fair share of disadvantages too. Windows has always been the target of security attacks from time to time, and hence you will have a large amount of malware coming in almost every month. We would like to mention that if you are going to use your laptop or PC solely for gaming, it’s always better to go with Windows because of the wide selection of games it supports. 

What About MacOS?

The direct competitor of Windows is macOS, and there’s no doubt about that; but is macOS the right one for you? It’s prevalent among people working in the creative fields to use macOS. This is because all the creative software like Premiere Pro or Photoshop works so much better on this operating system than it does on Windows. Moreover, the updates of this system come very frequently and are free. Unlike Windows, it is also not the target of malware to the same extent. Now, let’s talk about some disadvantages, shall we? The major negative point is that the hardware can be super expensive, costing people thousands of dollars which many cannot afford. Moreover, you won’t get too much free software if you opt for this system, so you have to be ready to spend more on that too.

Close up of iMac
Close up of iMac

Should You Go For Linux?

Linux is not a standard option that people search for when they are buying a new device, mainly owing to its reputation that it is apparently not so easy or user-friendly in nature. However, in recent years, Linux has made some changes and come up with more straightforward versions of the operating system. The strength of Linux lies in its flexible nature. You can do almost anything you want on a Linux device if you have the knowledge. This is also the reason why many people who deal with complex tasks on a daily basis opt for Linux. However, it is worth mentioning that if you are new to this, your learning curve for getting adjusted to the system is going to be quite steep. So, if you think you are ready to dive into something like that without getting intimidated, then go for this operating system.


Woman using laptop
Woman using laptop

In the above points, we have already mentioned the three major operating systems, but apart from them, there are certain others that you should check out: Berkeley Software Distribution or BSD and Chrome OS. As you have seen, each of these operating systems has its own pros and cons. We have definitely given you a place to start, but now, it’s up to you to weigh your options and then make your final decision based on what will work best for your task and, at the same time, which you will be comfortable with using.

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