If you want to watch Live IPL matches in Free or you want to know how to watch IPL in free, then today I am going to inform you about such Top Live IPL watching Apps. Using which you can enjoy watching the IPL which is going to start in the next few days, directly with the help of Live App in your phone.

There is a lot of website available to watch Live Cricket Match but I will give you information about such apps, with the help of which you will be able to watch the match absolutely free and without any hindrance.

Most of the people like to watch Live IPL or Cricket Match on TV with their entire family sitting at home or with their friends, but sometimes due to Job and some important things, they do not sit together and watch IPL Match. This is why you are able to watch today, you would like to tell about such live IPL watching app, with the help of which you can watch cricket matches using the Live App on your Android Phone anytime and at any time. Cricket Match Watch Apps in Free

Apps to watch live IPL for free

If you want to watch live match on your TV or on your mobile phone or want to do live streaming, then which live IPL viewing app will be right for you, for this, today, I will tell you about 6 best apps that you can very easily You can watch Live Match at any time and anywhere.

So, today, with the help of Mobile Phone, we take information about the best Apps to watch Live Cricket Match and IPL Watch and know which app is the best to watch Live Match. How to watch IPL for free

Watch IPL on Hotstar with Jio SIM

If you use Jio SIM, you have a good chance of watching IPL on hotstar for free, as you would know it is mandatory to take VIP / Premium Subscription of hotstar for watching IPL on hotstar which is ₹ 399 / ₹ 1499. .

But if you are a jio sim user, then you can recharge your sim from ₹ 401. In this you will get VIP subscription of 3gb data / daily, unlimited calls and hotstar for full 1 year.

If seen, for 3GB data per day, you have to pay ₹ 349 anyway in jio and recharge it by adding ₹ 52 more to it, then you will have a VIP plan of ₹ 399 for just ₹ 52.

App NameHotstar
Downloads101 Million
APK Size19 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.1 Star

Thop TV – Free IPL App

Thop TV is a great app on which you can watch live IPL or cricket in free of charge, the specialty of this app is that you can watch live TV in it absolutely free but ipl is not running in all other TV viewing apps but in it You can watch ipl in absolutely free.

The interface of this app is very clean and this app is absolutely easy to use and the biggest feature of this app is that you can download this app for absolutely free and in this you can also have web shows of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in it absolutely free. I can see

This is the only app in which you can watch IPL for absolutely free, but let me tell you in advance, it is not a legal app and you should also avoid using this app, but if you want to download it then download it below You can download with the button and after downloading, by opening this app, you will have to update the app and after that you will be able to watch the IPL completely free.

App NameThop TV
Downloads5+ Million
APK Size18 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.4 Star

Oreo TV – Free IPL Viewing App

The Oreo TV app is the best IPL viewing app that you can use for absolutely free live IPL. This app is a live TV app in which you can watch more than 500 TV channels absolutely free.

Movies, web series, Netflix shows and Live Sports can also be watched in this app such as football, WWE, tennis and cricket matches. With the help of this app, you can also watch Live IPL of 2021, from absolutely low quality to full HD quality.

The interface of this app is very simple, so that you will not face any problem in using this app and due to the picture in picture (PIP) mode of this app, you can do other things while watching IPL in it. In mobile.

App NameOreo TV
Downloads5+ Million
APK Size12 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.0 Star

Watch IPL in TATA Sky – Free

How to watchi IPL in Tata Sky: If you have a set up box of tata sky in your house in which star sports channel is on then you can install tata sky app in your mobile and login with registerd mobile of your set up box absolutely free. I can watch live IPL.

And in this app you will get many more features like you can recharge tata sky from this app itself. You can download your favorite movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

Downloads10 Million
APK Size23 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.2 Star

IPL 2021 Get live IPL scores Free

official app for waching IPL 2021: This is the official app of IPL 2021 from where live IPL scores can be seen, apart from this, it will get all the features like commentary of every ball and highlights of all IPL matches.

Along with this, you will also get to see news related to IPL and cricket.

App NameIPL 2021
Downloads10 Million
APK Size9 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.1 Star

Cricbuzz – Get free IPL score

Circbuzz App is a live score viewing app and it is much more popular app than other apps because this app gives live score update before TV Channel. With the help of which you can know the record of every cricket player. You can know about their total runs.

You can see the score of online live match. You can know how many overs are left and how much is left. You can get complete information about which player is out and when is out and also you can see all the news of cricket match instantly from this app. Because of which many people also know this app by the name of Live Telecast App.

If you like watching cricket match commentary, then with the help of this Circbuzz App, you can listen to commentary in many languages ​​and enjoy watching live cricket match score.

Many times due to some important work, you can see the Highlights of the match with the help of Circbuzz App. For this reason, a lot of people are using the Circbuzz App to watch Online Live IPL matches within India.

App NameCricbuzz
Downloads100 Million
APK Size11 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.4 Star

Watch Free IPL from JioTV

Jio TV is also a very good IPL viewing app. Nowadays, Jio Seam is available in all people’s phones in India and many people also have the phone of Jio Company. If you use jio sim, then with the help of jio TV, you can watch live matches absolutely free.

With the help of jio TV, you can watch Live Cricket Match absolutely free and apart from this you can also do Movies, News, Serial and Live Streaming in this app. In this, you will get more than 500 TV channels which you can watch for absolutely free and in this you will also get Star Sports channels in which you will be able to watch live cricket matches.

App NameJioTV
Downloads100 Million
APK Size12 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.1

SonyLiv: Watch IPL Match live

You all know about Sony Liv TV Channel As the popularity of this TV Show increased, so did the application of Liv TV Channel in which you can watch Online Movies, TV Shows, Comedy Shows, Drama, Live Cricket Match, You can watch many online Shows like Football Match, WWE with the help of SonyLiv App.

You can watch online IPL Match Free on SonyLiv just like Hotstar. That’s why most people also install SonyLiv App in their phone.

App NameSonyLIV
Downloads100 Million
APK Size23 Mb
PlayStore Rating3.7 Star

Espncricinfo: Live IPL Cricket Match

Espncricinfo you can enjoy watching live cricket matches with the help of its Quick Cricket Match Updates feature and it is a very popular app, in this app you can score live score of Upcoming Match, T20, IPL, CPL, ICC, World Cup Can see

In this, you can see Run, Over, Ball by Ball Cricket Score and Online inside your phone. That’s why Espncricinfo is the best App to watch Online Match score.

App NameESPNCricinfo
Downloads10 Million
APK Size21 Mb
PlayStore Rating4.0 Star

This was today’s article in which I told you about free live IPL watching apps which you can download and watch cricket or live IPL.

I hope you have liked this article “How to watch IPL for free” and if you have any question or have any suggestion, then you can comment by commenting. And if you have liked this information, then do share it through the share button given below.

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