Tea is the most used and selling beverages in all over the world, 3 billion tea cups served daily in this world, Different verities of tea used in the world, Different cultivation techniques used for tea harvesting.

Full Information & Price Most Expensive Tea in the world:

1.Da-Hong Pao tea

This tea comes from a rare tea tree.The price is exorbitant because this tea is believed to have incredible health benefits. Some people even consider this tea can save the lives of people who are severely ill. Da-Hong Pao is considered the king of Chinese tea and became the most expensive tea in the
world. This tea was also most favored during the Ming Dynasty.

This tea price reaches USD 1 million.

2. Panda Dung Tea

Tea contains ‘panda poop’ as the panda was given tea plant fertilizer from panda poop. This tea had a high price due to care for tea plants needed special treatment.

The price of a kilogram of tea is USD 7,000.

3. Vintage Narcissus tea

This type of tea is categorized as Chinese classical tea. The price is not cheap, one kilogram of tea is priced at USD 6,500. In the past, this tea was auctioned to many people but in 2013 and the tea bought by a Malaysian-Chinese collector. This tea is over 50 years old. Previously this tea is owned by tea collectors from Hong Kong.

4. Tieguanyin tea

This tea comes from the name Guan Yin, the name of the Buddhist god. This tea has exorbitant prices because it is special. If usually tea can only be brewed 2 times but tieguanyin tea can be brewed as much as 7 times. Uniquely though it has 7 times brewed, the flavor and aroma remain the same. This tea is a blend of black tea, and green tea is priced at USD 3,000.

5. Yellow Gold Tea

Buds This kind of tea can only grow and cultivated in Singapore. This is one reason why the price is so expensive. This tea leaves are golden yellow and is believed to have excellent health benefits. Yellow gold buds can only be harvested once a year.

Price of 1 kilogram is USD 3,000.

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