Coronavirus has taken the form of a worldwide pandemic, but no vaccine or treatment has yet been made to fight the disease. In such a situation, know what a corona positive patient should do and what not.

1. Do not panic:

If you are positive, do not take excessive stress, as most people suffering from corona are returning home after getting healthy. Only the elderly and those who have already had severe illness such as heart, BP etc., may take longer to cure. All that is needed is to follow the advice of the doctor so that you can get well soon.

2. Stay away from social media:

At a time when most people are sharing their experiences on social media which is fine to a certain extent, but many insensitive people ignore the seriousness of the disease and the mental conditions of the patient on their posts. Negative commentary appears. This can hurt the confidence of the patients. Therefore, it should be active on social media only when there is a great need. Avoid reading comments by saying your words.

3. Make the immune system strong:

The most important role in fighting this disease is playing the immunity of the person. Since you have been afflicted with this disease, so in this situation you should regularize your routine. Get up early in the morning and do yoga. Apart from this, drink hot water and strictly follow the measures given by the Ayushman Department for increasing immunity.

4. Take the support of spirituality:

To fight this epidemic alone in a room far away from your family, mental strength and positive attitude is necessary. Study the scriptures related to your religion. Study scriptures related to other religions as a new initiative. This will give you mental strength. This will increase your knowledge. Also your thinking will be positive.

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