The corona virus has had terrible effects on the entire world. The effect is that a lot of things are happening in the world which has not happened before. Corona has also put a break on the 50-year-old and famous Cortoon series ‘Sazae-san‘ in Japan.

Can’t get dubbing done

The popularity of this cartoon series is such that millions of Japanese families have been watching it every Sunday evening for the last 50 years. The producer of the cartoon series, Fuji, could not get the dubbing of the new episode in view of the safety of the employees. As a result, Japanese citizens are having to watch repeat telecasts of old episodes of their favorite Cortoon shows.

Is recorded

The main character ofSazae-san’ Cortoon is a domestic woman. It was first broadcast in 1969. It has been named the world’s longest Cortoon Series in the Guinness Book of World Records. The repeat of this cortoon was telecast in the year 1975. At that time the world was struggling with oil crisis. After 45 years, this cartoon series has got a break from Corona at the moment.

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