Finally, the Mariposa film is released now and if you are waiting for this movie and want to download it. then today we will tell you all about how to download leaked Mariposa movie for free. there are many ways to download Indonesian new movies. the ways or methods today we will share our best and easy. you can easily watch online the Mariposa movie 720p. This movie has already sold more than 20.000 copies of this movie and its created by students of a university.

Mariposa : Tayang 12 Maret 2020 Di Seluruh Bioskop

Mariposa Unduh Film Terbaru Gratis 2020

Latest 2020 Film Mariposa is a Drama, Horror, and teen Indonesian language movie which is directed by Fajar Bustomi and produced by Chand Parwez Servia and Frederica. This film is the screenplay by Alim Sudio and Edited by Ryan Purwoko. In Mariposa movie, Angga Yunanda and Adhisty Zara both are leading the main roles.

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In this movie, Iqbal Guana is a Mariposa Butterfly and the full movie is based on that butterfly. Acha to win Iqbal who is also known as the smart, handsome man. the movie is full of romance and drama which was recently released on 12 March 2020 in the Indonesian Language.

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Mariposa Full Cast

The average running time of this movie is around 117 minutes and Angga Yunanda, Dannia Salsabila, Adhisty Zara are leading the Main roles in this movie. The full star cast of Mariposa film 2020 is given below.

  • Angga Yunanda as Iqbal Guana
  • Adhisty Zara as Natasha Kay Loovy/ Acha
  • Dannia Salsabila as Amanda
  • Abun Sungkar as Rian
  • Junior Roberts as Glen
  • Syakir Daulay as Juna
  • Ariyo Wahab as Mr.Boy / Iqbals father
  • Irgi Fahrezi as Henry Kusuma
  • Ersa Mayori as Kirana
  • Baim as Mr. teddy / Achas father
  • Iszur Muchtar as Mr. Bambang
  • Ruth Permatasari as Nurse
  • Yudha Keling as Fan Trader
  • Diaz Danar as MC of the science Olympias
  • Aris Nugraha as Doctor

Mariposa full movie download 720p

Do you want to download Mariposa in 720p? many dont know what exactly 720p is? its the video or movie quality which will you get when you download this movie. But you can download this film is other qualities like 360p, 48op and also in full HD 1080p.

the bigger you want movie quality, the bigger the size of Mariposa film you have to download or you can either watch it online without any ads disturbance. You dont have to pay any money if you want to watch Mariposa movie online.

Mariposa: Movie Info

Movie NameMariposa (2020)
Resolution1080p HD Rip, 480p, 720p, 360p
Sound Mixfilm Indonesia
Budget10 Billion RP
Release Date12 March 2020

How to Download Mariposa Movie on IndoXXI

There are many Indosesina movie downloading websites available online where you can download your Mariposa Film for free. you just have to simply google the Mariposa full movie download and you will get thousands of websites to download.

If you want to watch it online then you can search for Mariposa full movie watch online. Here you will get results related to watch an online movie which is easy and fast as you have to wait for download movies. but when you watch online you dont have to wait and also you can watch it anywhere you want.


We never engage our visiter to go to any movie downloading website Like Indoxx1 for the latest movies, and also we did not promote any website. This article is only for educational purposes. As per the Indonesian act, piracy of original content is punishable. These websites are not safe to download any movies. If you want to download any movie, please download at your own risk.

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