Online shopping has been increasing in popularity in recent years, as technology and the internet is becoming more advanced and more available for people around the world. Many countries now have online shops, where people can conveniently buy their desired products at home without the need to use too much time and effort.

Besides being convenient, online stores also give out more discounts compared to physical shops and malls. The discounts that these online stores give come in a variety of forms, and they can then be received by performing or accomplishing different tasks on the brand or store’s website. Here are the different ways to get discounts in online stores.

Collect Vouchers

One of the most common ways to get discounts in online shops is to collect vouchers and use them to reduce the price of the items in your cart. These vouchers, like the Noon discount code, would often have different sizes, as some of them would give a specific value of discount (like $10 off), or it would reduce a percentage of the items’ original price (like 15% off). If you are going to buy an expensive product, it would be better to use the “percentage” voucher since it would give a bigger discount.

However, you should remember that vouchers would often have caps, meaning that they are sometimes capped at a certain value. For example, a 10% off voucher may look appealing, but you will find out that it is capped at $10, which is not really that big if you are purchasing a pricey item on the website. Be sure to read or take a look at the terms and conditions of each voucher so that you will know if it is capped or has limits.

Visit Coupon Code Directories or Websites

Finding vouchers in online stores is easy for the most part, as they would usually promote their vouchers on the homepage or on the deals page of their website. However, there would sometimes be hidden coupons that are significantly more difficult to find than the promoted vouchers, and for those types of coupons, you may need to use the services of a coupon code directory or website.

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A coupon code directory is a website dedicated to providing a list of coupons or vouchers available to use in various brands and stores on the internet. The directory will list down common vouchers, as well as hard-to-find coupon codes that are usually given to selected users or buyers of a specific online store but can be used by anyone. It is also in the directory where you can have a better look at the expiry date of vouchers, as well as their terms and conditions.

Sign-Up on the Store’s Mailing List

If the online store that you frequently visit has a mailing list, you should try signing up for it, as the mailing list would sometimes have coupon codes that are member-exclusive. Of course, because it is a mailing list, you will need to check out your email address every now and then for the latest emails of the online store. If you’re lucky, you will get an exclusive coupon code that you can then use for one of your orders.

Another advantage of signing up on the mailing list is that you will also be updated about the latest promos or sales that the online store will organize, which will usually have bigger discounts for select products or items on the website. Sign-up for the mailing list if the online store has one so that you can get more benefits.

Watch Out for Sales

As previously mentioned, sales and promotional events are also a good way to get discounts in online stores, as you can already get reduced prices for products even without using coupons or vouchers yet. There are some online stores that rarely offer sales, but there are a few that organize sales fairly frequently, so you may need to follow or stay updated on different stores to know which ones will give you discounts for the same products or items.

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To be updated on the newest sales and promos, you should sign-up for the stores’ mailing list, which we have already mentioned before. In addition, you should also follow the social media pages of your favorite online stores, as they would typically post about promos through social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Leave Items in Your Cart

There are several online shops on the web that will give out coupon codes randomly, and you will just find out that you have a coupon ready once you look in your cart. However, there is a certain trick for you to get a random coupon, and that trick is to simply leave one or more items on your cart. To convince you to order the items in your cart, some online stores would give you vouchers, which will, of course, entice you to truly check out the products since you will be getting a discount.

But, before you can get these random coupons, you may need to be a member of the online store first. So, create an account, leave items on your cart, and hope that you will be getting a random voucher for free.

Use Reward Points

Some popular online shops have a rewards program, in which members can get points for every purchase or order on the website. Then, they can use these points to redeem vouchers or to get access to exclusive deals. By simply creating an account on a trusted online store, you will already be given a few points that you should save to redeem bigger bonuses in the future. Use these points to get discounts and save money that you can use to buy more items.

And these are the best tips that we can provide on how to get discounts in online stores. Collect as many digital coupons as you can, and then use them whenever your favorite online stores organize sales so that you can avail of bigger discounts since you can sometimes apply vouchers to products with already reduced prices.

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