The film industry contributes a massive proportion of out-of-classroom education, directly or indirectly. The viewers pick several facts about the world from all types of films, including comedies and dramedies. The settings, plots, and themes evoke critical thinking and expand analytical skills, and the audience unravels the messages behind a film or the processes of developing one. In this case, the term educational movies narrow this conceptualization to informative motion pictures whose primary objective is to disseminate knowledge. Although every film has an important message for an intended audience, good educational films seek to educate the masses about a specific topic and do not disguise this goal.

Here is a List of the Best Educational Movies on Netflix

1. Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History (2019)

This film provides an alternative perspective of Black culture and community. Kevin paints the African American community through a positive lens looking back on their achievements and successes. It’s a story of successful Blacks whose names and works remain unknown. It previews the lives of unsung African American heroes whose works are inspiring for children and adults alike. From the first black arctic explorer to the first black woman to go to space, Kevin Hart provides an alternative coverage of the community deviating the storyline from the negativity surrounding slavery and racism. The film presents African Americans’ rich history of success as a method of cleaning a tainted image marred by victimhood and oppression.

2. 13th (2016)

If you are into American history and progressive social development, you will love 13th. This film provides a sneak peek of the 13th Amendment of the American Constitution, illustrating the successes and failures of the justice system. It explains the systemic injustices that have led to the mass incarceration of African Americans. It appeals to the emotions of most promoters of social justice by forcing viewers to challenge prevailing misconceptions about minority groups. Particularly, the film captures the plight of the black male, illustrating the power imbalances and disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system.

3. Abstract: The Art of Design (2017)

Despite the name, this documentary is not only for architecture and engineering students. Abstract features among the most informative educational movies on Netflix for middle school learners. The film is an inspirational and captivating representation of art in real life. It provides an inner view of the artists’ perception of the world. As the name suggests, it invokes abstract reasoning, the ability to perceive concepts beyond what is visible. The film illustrates the world from an artist’s point of view, highlighting aspects that a layman would ignore. It tells the story of design engineers behind photography, structural engineering, automobile concepts, and stage presentation. The experts from these fields take the viewer through the design process and the imaginative yet realistic conceptualization of ideas. They showcase their ability to transform their weirdest thoughts into reality in a step-by-step development of masterpieces.

4. Coronavirus, Explained (2020)

Covid-19 has exposed the weakness of the world’s public health systems revealing loopholes and disparities that could potentially cripple global economies. It has also demonstrated the strengths that hold the sector together, illustrating the various technological developments that differentiate the current generation from those who lived on earth a hundred years ago. This film tells the story of the coronavirus, its symptomatology, and its pathology. The documentary also covers protective factors and treatment mechanisms, explaining the world’s potential in overcoming infectious diseases. Although most of the details may be in the public domain, the in-depth analysis of the pandemic explains how covid-19 became a global health problem and the roles people can play in eradicating it. The film also illustrates the concept of a united world where the nations come together to fight a common enemy. Global economies pooled resources developing vaccines in record times and distributing them to reach the most vulnerable members of society. The pandemic provided a platform for humanity to rise.

5. Our Great National Parks (2022)

Former US president Barack Obama narrates the story of nature in a call to action for people to conserve the environment by preserving some of the most beautiful ecosystems known to humanity. This documentary takes the viewer on a journey through the world’s wonders, unveiling hidden mysteries and unusual behaviors across the globe. Obama tells of animals that defy our imaginations, from fish that can walk to sloths that harbor complete ecosystems on their farm. This is a story of conservation, an informative coverage of the achievements derived from established national pacts and their potential roles in saving the rest of the world.

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6. Babies (2020)

This is a documentary about infancy as a vulnerable stage of human development. Despite the name, it cannot be classified under educational movies for kids. It is a comprehensive analysis of an infant’s development. The film uncovers the extraordinary truths of childhood, where infants demonstrate incredible levels of intelligence. It unveils the mysteries of infancy, from the meaningful yet confusing cries to joyous giggles that keep parents motivated and fascinated. The film covers the stages of fast growth, marking the first growth spat in an extraordinary shift from fragility to curiosity. A look into the infants’ lives demonstrates the hidden knowledge about humanity in the developmental process as the babies become more independent after a vulnerable period where they rely on their caregivers for everything.

7. Our Planet (2019)

This film is one of the best educational movies on Netflix for high school students. It tells the story of planet earth, describing its inhabitants, especially in the world. The director paints a picture of beautiful ecosystems where every member plays a role in sustenance. With spectacular views of nature and captivating interactions between wild animals, the documentary takes the viewer on a trip into the lives of the amazing creatures that maintain the earth’s appearance and balance. As a bee searches for fragrances that can impress a mate, the plants get free transport for their pollen. It combines a call to action with an enlightenment campaign supporting nature conservation by informing people about the wonders and hidden gems the wild protects. By illustrating the reducing animal populations and disappearing habitats, the director uses cinematography techniques to invoke empathy and guilt in the viewer, creating a sense of responsibility.

8. The Mind, Explained (2019)

The mind is a spectacle of awe, with inexplicable capabilities and potential. The changing memories and anxious conceptions create an intriguing web of knowledge about the organ that controls the rest of the body. This film provides an overview of what is known about the brain and its interactions with drugs and reality. Despite the vast knowledge and documentation of the brain’s structure and functioning, a lot remains unexplained. Inaccurate accounts of traumatizing events and comprehensive dreams are both fascinating and weird. The film covers various aspects of the brain, explaining its composition and concepts.

9. Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

This is one of the most inspirational educational movies on Netflix for kids. It tells the story of an alien who ignored all warnings to embark on a risky journey to an unknown planet. Scorch Supernova, an astronaut and a hero to his people, quenches his thirst for adventure in a perilous trip that almost costs him his life. As one of the top-rated educational space movies exposes the viewer to the possibility of life in space and encourages kids to think beyond their limiting boundaries.

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