If it is asked about candidates that why they want to apply for SBI PO, the common answer is SBI PO SALARY. Yes, the handsome salary is regarded as an attractive factor for this job. Most students keep thinking that the SBI PO job post exam could be tough. Moreover, the answer is that yes it could be tough indeed. However, it also depends on how you prepared for the exam. 

Here, we are going to share some of the obvious reasons, which can be considered making SBI PO tough and tricky. Let’s check out more about it in a detailed manner – 

  • For SBI PO Number Of Candidates Apply – 

It is not only about SBI PO but any random exam can go tough if there would be several applicants to give that specific exam. Moreover, the same rule goes with SBI PO. Moreover, the very first reason making the SBI PO examination quite tough is that the number of applicants comes for this job post indeed. A number of applications are submitted for this job post indeed. On the other hand, vacancies are quite less as only 2-3k job pots are introduced every year. Generally, competition could be quite competitive. 

  • Less Duration Of Exam Is Another Factor To Consider – 

Here, the time period you will get to solve the SBI PO Exam could be a bit tricky. Most students say that the allotted time could be quite less time to accomplish the exam. Though it also depends on how you prepared for the exam. 

  • If your speed is not good then you might have extra pressure on your shoulders to accomplish the exam. You would be given only 1 hour to accomplish the Prelims exam. You would be needed to accomplish each section within 20 minutes. 
  • There will be a total number of three sections. Talking about the time period of the main exam, you would be given 3 hours. You should not leave any question. However, you should go ahead with the option that all mentioned sections need to be solved within a stipulated time. 60 minutes would be given to do CA and reasoning. 
  • You will be having 45 minutes in the context of DI and Analysis. Moreover, you will be having 35 minutes in the context of solving General Awareness. Talking about English exam, you will be allotted 40 minutes. 
  • What About The Cut-Off – 

If you want to pass the exam, you still need to manage an ideal cut-off mark regarding  each section to go through the exam’s phase.

  • Though cut-off keeps changing every year, it also depends on the job posts, and the difficulty level, vacancies, and so on.
  • Generally, cut-offs always go up in the comparison of the last years. 
  • That is why cut-off is also counted as being a prominent factor in the context of aspiring candidates. 
  • Huge Syllabus Will Be There For You – 

SBI PO job post syllabus is another factor on the list. Yes, you would need a proper time-table to cover the entire syllabus. You cannot without it. You have to understand that it takes time to cover a huge syllabus. 

  • You have to prepare a wide range of topics and sub-topics. It does not matter what stream you come from. You need to make sure that you need to have sound knowledge of the current things happening around you. Do keep a close eye regarding the happening occurring around you. 
  • Here, it needs to mention that preliminary exam is all about focusing upon tricky subjects and niches such as 
    • Quantitative Section, 
    • Reasoning Based, 
    • And English language
  • The best thing is that the main exam syllabus covers a variety of topics such as Indian Economy, General Awareness, and Current Affairs, and so on. The best thing is that you will be needed to prepare for a piece of general knowledge and writing skills. 
  • Here, you also need to keep in mind that most students do lose their focus while preparing for the exam. To stay focused, you need to make sure that you are going with the best and amazing exam preparation indeed.

If you put your best efforts to cover all these above-mentioned points then you are going to win the exam indeed. 

In The Last – 

The motto of sharing these points is not making you under stress at all. However, we are trying to share what points you need to work on to ensure your success in the exam.

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