Friends, a lot of you are bloggers and are looking for hosting for your website and on this Black Friday, you must have been hosting a lot of good hosting plans but let me tell you that some of these 20 hosting providers Companies that have scammed with you

Why 20 VPS Hosting Company Scam with you
Why 20 VPS Hosting Company Scam with you

Many of us bloggers are constantly looking for when the Hosting & Domains offers will come and then we will be able to get very good offers for these Hosting & Domains. I am also looking for such offers.

Why did this hosting company shut down?

First of all, do you clear this or all the hosting company who have fraud with you, they are all hosting companies of the same person.

None of these 20 hosting companies is an officially registered hosting company, it is just a landing page. Where on the day of Black Friday sale, who bought this company hosting, the owner of that company ran away by scamming with all of you.

Most of those people have fallen into their trap, who has just come into the blogging field. Because such a hosting company becomes very much the target of new bloggers.

New loggers never research whether the company they are buying hosting from is Genuine or not. What are the reviews of those companies?

New bloggers just think that the offer is getting 4% off, so why not buy hosting from this company. And they fall under the pretense of this offer and make their loss.

List Of 20 hosting company’s name

11Bigfoot Servers
Why 20 VPS Hosting Company Scam with you

Take care of the matter of buying hosting?

Friends, first of all, know that you. Whichever company is hosting. Is this company officially registered?

How to find out if the Hosting company is Genuine?

The easiest way is that you can find out by reviewing the video on of the company from which you are going to get hosting.

Or you can go to and search for “ reviews”. You will get all the information related to this company, how is the service of this company and whether this company has ever cheated anyone or not

But one more thing to keep in mind is that all the reviews sponsors you see should not be sponsors and all these revives should be from the Genuine website like Wikipedia, Genuine News website Etc.

Guys if you want to know which hosting website is hosted by So you can ask me by commenting. I will tell you only in this post which is the hosting company of this website and which plan I use.

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