1. Lime


Citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons have high acid content. This can eliminate the protective barrier of the skin. Because of this, there can be redness, irritation and dark spots in the skin. Going into the sun immediately after applying it can also make the entire face black forever.

2. Toothpaste

It contains a variety of harmful substances such as peroxide, which increases the risk of black spots and blemishes manifold after the pimples heal.

3. Excess use of turmeric

By applying it, the skin-forming cells are destroyed, which increases the risk of sunburn and white spots. Does not suit many people.

4. Rubbing Wipes

By keeping wipes made from alcohol on the face, it steals the moisture and oil of the skin, which makes the skin lifeless and dry. Applying it also poses a risk of pimples.

5. Tea Tree Oil

Applying too much can cause dryness, and irritation in the skin. There is also a possibility of getting spots on the skin. Applying it to the sunlight may cause an allergic reaction.

6. Raw Egg

A raw egg usually brings glow and titanism to the skin, but raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria. If raw egg goes into the mouth by mistake, food poisoning can occur.

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